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The Undergraduate Research Journal is a student-edited, multi-disciplinary journal of undergraduate research at the University of Texas at Austin.


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    Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 22, No.1
    (University of Texas at Austin, 2023) Shears, Dylan; Castro, Kaitlyn D.; Hoeflingg, Meghan; Carr, Natalie; Hinds, Jacob F.; Missimo, Ashley Lynn; Gupta, Neerul; Hoffman, Ashley; Gullapalli, Sriya
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    Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 20, No.1
    (University of Texas at Austin, 2021) Yang, Yunhao; Pridgen, Jacey; Rubenzer, Kaelin; Copenhaver, Kaleigh; Harrington, Madeline; Kosted, Raquel
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    Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 19, No. 1
    (2020) Thomas, Courtney; Palepu, Sriram; Morphis, Charles; Ly, Anh; Davie, Morgan
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    Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 18, No. 1
    (2019) Daley, Sara; Shankar, Prathyush; Fredricks, Collin; Priebe, Maria A.; Reyes, Samsara Davalos
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    Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 17, No. 1
    (2018) Durham, Xavier; Brown, Sarah N.; Achattle, Elizabeth A.; Nelson, Ashley; Kisner, Bryson; de Beurs, Zoe L.; Maldonado, Jose A.; Suh, Ju Hee; Kessenich, Marissa; Mason, Alexa; Caldwell, Nathan; Fraser, Jada
    Table of Contents: Racialized Surveillance, Policing, and Social Control in Brazil / by Xavier Durham (p. 1-13) -- Surveying and 3D Mapping of Seagrass Beds to Monitor the Impact of Tourism in Akumal Bay, Mexico / by Sarah N. Brown, Elizabeth A. Achattle, and Ashley Nelson (p. 14-27) -- Religion and the Restructuring of Guatemala Under Ríos Montt: Catholicism, Costumbre, Protestantism, and the State’s War for Guatemala’s Souls / by Bryson Kisner (p. 28-43) -- Synthesis, Characterization, and Optimization of Dendrimer-Encapsulated Palladium Nanoparticles for Formic Acid Decomposition / by Zoe L. de Beurs, Jose A. Maldonado, Ju Hee Suh (p. 44-49) -- White Female Identity-Building in Colonial Africa / by Marissa Kessenich (p. 50-59) -- Addressing the Impact of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Intake on the Health of U.S. Children / by Alexa Mason (p. 60-73) -- Playing Politics with Peace? Political Concerns in the Final Chapter of Lyndon Johnson’s War / by Nathan Caldwell (p. 74-86) -- Refugees as Minorities: Protecting the Cultural Identities of America’s Most At-Risk Population / by Jada Fraser (p. 87-94)
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    Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 16
    (2017) Mansoori, Shadhi; Williams, David; Stewart, Rochelle; Guan, Clarice; Kessenich, Marissa; Andrei, Anca; Kritzer, Mark; Hill, Andrew Haruki; Springer, Samantha; Shilling, E.; Holt, K.; Gartman, D.; Ireland, Emma
    Table of Contents: Role of Anxiety and Memory Confidence in Compulsive Checking Behaviors / by Rochelle Stewart (p.1-14) -- Relative Roles of Native Herbs and Foreign Spices in 13th-17th Century European Medicine / by Clarice Guan (p.15-35) -- The Scientist in Society, Then & Now: A Historical Analysis of Brecht's Galileo / by Marissa Kessenich (p.36-43) -- Some Considerations on the Relationships Between an Infinite Group and its Subgroups / by Anca Andrei (p.44-49) -- From Stretcher to Golden Meal: The Rise of Meatloaf in the American Diet / by Mark Kritzer (p.50-56) -- An Economic Analysis of the Monopoly Board Game / by Andrew Haruki Hill (p.57-67) -- Rhetorical Resolution: Lyndon B. Johnson's Joint Address to Congress / by Samantha Springer (p.68-75) -- Tourism and Coral Reef Community Structure in Akumal Bay / by E. Shilling, K. Holt, and D. Gartman (p.76-88) -- The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and Related Recommendations for the U.S. National Action Plan (p.89-112)
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    Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 15
    (2016) Haley, Patrick; Usheva, Emiliya; Clapp, Savannah; Rowsey, Lauren; Grant, Jordan; DoBoer, Kendall; McComb, Sofie; Madhavan, Subhashini; Fall, Dylan; Holley, Jo-anne; Noddings, Chari; Andrei, Anca
    Table of Contents: The Effects of Snorkel-Based Tourism on the Behavior of Reef Fishes / by Savannah Clapp, Lauren Rowsey, and Jordan Grant (p.1-18) -- People Broken Into Pieces Trying to Join: Byzantine Erotica and the Provocative Paradox / by Kendall DeBoer (p.19-28) -- The Legacy of 1830 Land Cover on Present-Day Massachusetts Forest Composition / by Sofie McComb (p.29-58) -- The Role of Labels in Making Inferences about Group Categorization / by Subhashini Madhavan (p.59-76) -- Transcending Autobiography: Simultaneity and Meaning in Elisabet Ney’s Lady Macbeth / by Kendall DeBoer (p.77-92) -- Comparison of Microbial Diversity in Local Wasps and Plant Surfaces / by Dylan Fall and Jo-anne Holley (p.93-104) -- Ambiguity in Biotechnology Patent Policy: Lessons from Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc. / by Chari Noddings (p.105-126) -- About the uncountability of the number of irrational powers of irrational numbers evaluated as rationals and solutions’ estimation for xx=y and xx =y / by Anca Andrei (p.127-133)
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    Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 14
    (2015) Parker, Jonathan; Ferguson, Lauren; McNamara, Carolyn; Pace, Aza; Harlock, Kenneth F.; Kent, Christina; Normayle, Matthew; Watts, Evan; Wang, Daniel
    Table of Contents: The Myth of Chechen Radical Islam / by Jonathan Parker (p.1-8) -- Genre and the Perception of Massacre... / by Lauren Ferguson (p.9-18) -- Sentinel of Liberty: Captain America on the Home Front in WWII / by Carolyn McNamara (p.19-34) -- Embracing Myth in Mrs. Dalloway / by Aza Pace (p.35-48) -- Cannibalism and Witchcraft in The Tempest / by Kenneth F. Harlock (p.49-62) -- Evolutionary Game Models of Optimal Nuclear Weapons Strategies / by Christina Kent (p.63-82) -- Optimization for a Bio-Impedance Measurement System / by Matthew Normayle (p.83-94)
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    Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 13
    (Senate of College Councils, The University of Texas at Austin, 2014) University of Texas at Austin; Becker, Madison; Garza, Sylvia; Wood, Christopher; Ghraowi, Ghayde; Messamore, Andrew; Voorhis, Elise; Wight, Chris; Zhang, Shun; Gruener, Emily
    Table of Contents: Biodiversity and Taxonomic Richness of Macroalgae among Cenotes of the Eastern Yucatan Peninsula / by Madison Becker, Sylvia Garza and Christopher Wood (p.1-20) -- Vertical Vienna: Representations of The Occupied Metropolis in Graham Greene’s The Third Man / by Ghayde Ghraowi (p. 21-28) -- Geographies of Distinction: A Study of Space, Visibility, and Upper Middle Class Identity in Texas / by Andrew Messamore (p. 29-46) -- The Infinite and the Finite: An Analysis of the United States' Energy Future / by Elise Voorhis (p. 47-64) -- Regeneration by Fragmentation along Elevation and East-West Gradient in Tropical Cloud Forest Understory Piper spp. / by Chris Wight (p. 65-76) -- Action Selection in Robotic Motion Learning / by Shun Zhang (p. 77-87)
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    Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 12
    (Senate of College Councils, The University of Texas at Austin, 2013) University of Texas at Austin; Alexander, Travis; Earle, Gabriel; Humphreys, Jordan; Jensen, Brittany; Mendenhall, Kathryn; Kwok, Alan; Lantz, Emily; Lau, Jenny; Liao, I-Chia; Ismail, Ammar; Wang, Ruoqing; Smartt, Tim; Gruener, Emily
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    Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 11
    (Senate of College Councils, The University of Texas at Austin, 2012) University of Texas at Austin; Alexander, Travis; Cuellar, Julieta; Gluth, Christopher; Martin, Kevin; Rodriguez, Victor A.; Sur, Aakash; Velasquez, Nadia; Jenkins, Bobby; Hayner, Michelle
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    Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 10
    (Senate of College Councils, The University of Texas at Austin, 2011) University of Texas at Austin; Mark, Charlotte J.; Holahan, Alisa; Upstill, Ania; Zipperer, Kory; Cockroft, Andrew; Ghosh, Monica; Hayner, Michelle
    Table of Contents: The Bower and the Garden: Feminine Landscapes in Chaucer and Shakespeare / by Charlotte J. Mark (p. 1-10) -- Charlotte Brontë's Villette: The Challenge of Autobiography for Victorian Women / by Alisa Holahan (p. 11-22) -- Community Gardens or Gardening Communities: A Survey of Community Gardens on Austin's East Side / by Ania Upstill (p. 23-38) -- A Killer Influence: The Contagion of Homicide / by Kory Zipperer (p. 39-49) -- A Poet's Stutter: A Critical Analysis of Gertrude Stein's Rose / by Andrew Cockroft (p. 50-62)
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    Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 9
    (Senate of College Councils, The University of Texas at Austin, 2010) University of Texas at Austin; Bosworth, Whitney; Divakaruni, Anand; Eschenbach, Eduardo; Lewis, John; Marshall, Joe; Rodriguez, Esmeralda; Wainright, Michael; Hayner, Michelle
    Table of contents: “Be All That You Can Be,” Regardless of Gender / by Whitney Bosworth (p.1-8) -- The Duke and His Justice / by Anand Divakaruni (p.9-15) -- Inhibition of HID-induced apoptosis in Spodoptera frugiperda by baculoviral Op-IAP / by Eduardo Eschenbach (p.16-23) -- Speaking to His Board of Directors: President Roosevelt and the Fireside Chats / by John Lewis (p.24-31) -- Lost and Forgotten outside o’ Kingston Town: The Unequal Retention of Jamaican Cultural Identity in Reggae and Ska / by Joe Marshall (p.32-39) -- Hecho en México: Mexican Origin Undergraduates’ Cultural Identity Construction in a Predominantly White Institution / by Esmeralda Rodriguez (p.40-51) -- From Fashion to Custom: Will You Catch the Bug and Snack on it? / by Michael Wainright (p.52-61)
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    Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 7
    (Senate of College Councils, The University of Texas at Austin, 2008) University of Texas at Austin; Blaisdell, Bryan; Wallentine, Brad; Chung, Stephanie; Carson, Kristen; Dryden, John; Denbow, Jennifer; Mathur, Shawn; Ellahi, Aisha
    Table of contents: Not a Theological Question: Is the River Jordan Really Dammed to Hell? / by Bryan Blaisdell (p.1-15) -- Photosynthetic Pigments of Plants in a Tropical Cloud Forest: An Example of Low Productivity and Specialized Acclimation / by Brad Wallentine (p.16-26) -- Emma Bovary’s Blind Beggar: Repressed Reality / by Stephanie Chung (p.27-36) -- TUPE or Not TUPE?: The Impact of Labor Regulations on Business Transfers: A Comparative Case Study Approach to Labor Laws in the UK v. US / by Kristen Carson (p.37-48) -- Texas and American, the Dual Identity: A History of the Texas Militia and Its Relation to Identity / by John Dryden (p.49-64) -- Thermophilic Chemoautotrophic Arsenite-Oxidizing Bacterium Enriched from the E1 Tatio Geyser Field, Northern Chile / by Jennifer Denbow (p.65-78)
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    Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 6
    (2007) University of Texas at Austin
    Table of contents: The Secret Society: Descendants of Crypto-Jews in the San Antonio Area / by Amanda Lipsitt -- Putting the “Wild” back in Wildfell Hall: Animals and Animalization in the Novels of Anne Bronte / by Eric Kwartler -- Optimization of the Biotinylation of DPPC Vesicles for Active Targeting in the Treatment of Pulmonary Artery Disease / by James Byrne, Guohui Wu, Joseph Zasadzinski -- The Veil of Belonging: Rushdie as Spokesperson for Islam / by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak -- Disordered Eating, Anxiety, and Written Emotional Disclosure: A Prevention / by Laura M. Dewey -- Is There Life After Texas Prison? / by Fred D. West
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    Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 5
    (2006) University of Texas at Austin
    Table of contents: Applicability of the Geneva Convention (III) to the Global War on Terrorism: History and Perspectives / by Ryan Kingsbury (p.1-14) -- Communal Care of Offspring in the White-faced Capuchin Monkey (Cebus capucinus) / by Kristin A. Hook (p.15-22) -- Quetzalcoatl: A Mestizo Myth / by Sara Enright (p.23-31) -- CLC-4-TTS and Fire Vox: Enabling the Visually Impaired to Surf the Internet / by Charles L. Chen (p.32-42) -- A Series of Stages: A Theatrical and Historical Reading of Moscow and Yershalaim in The Master and Margarita / by Anna E. Shoemaker (p.43-51) -- Handheld Device for Remotely Measuring Brain Function / by Adam Wang (p.52-65) -- On Writing Illness: How Virginia Woolf Finds a New Language for Illness in The Voyage Out, Mrs. Dalloway, and The Waves / by Adam Critchfield (p.66-74) -- Kiss and Tell: Racial and Ethnic Variations in Adolescent Dating and Sexual Practices / by Emily A. Fisher (p.75-86) -- The Struggle for Identity Internal Tensions of Mexico’s Partido Acción Nacional / by Carlo Daniel Guerra (p.87-105)
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    Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 4
    (2005) University of Texas at Austin
    Table of contents: The Effect of Religiosity and Music on Sexual Anxiety in College Students / by Ana Lucia Hurtado (p.1-7) -- Simulation of Fluid Flow Around Rigid Bodies / by Charith C. Tangirala (p.8-19) -- BCL11A and its Role in Human Leukemias and Lymphomas / by Jason Wall (p.20-25) -- Army Nurse Corps: Embracing an Evolving Gender Role / by Jennifer Head (p.26-33) -- Overbank Flooding and Sedimentation Patterns in a Floodplain Environment, Lower Guadalupe River, Texas / by Kimberly M. Meitzen (p.34-47) -- Identification of the AP-1 Element in the 5' Flanking Region of the NMDA Receptor Gene / by Maggie Ehimika (p.48-54) -- Community-Based Natural Resource Management, Gender, and Sustainable Development / by Suzanne Russo (p.55-61)
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    Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 3
    (2004) University of Texas at Austin
    Table of contents: Small-Scale Renewable Energy in Panama— Current Status, Lessons Learned, and Barriers Faced / by Corinna Kester (p.1-7) -- Changes in Presidential Public Approval Ratings at the Start of U.S. Military Conflict Abroad, 1950–1999 / by Connor McGee (p.8-16) -- From Wrinkles to Bioterrorism—The Big Role of Little Synaptobrevin in Neurotransmission / by Elizabeth Mercer, Alok Deshpande, Adam Hafemesiter (p.17-26) -- Inequality and Violent Crime in Brazil / by Edgar A. Morales (p.27-36) -- In Search of an Accident of Hope—The Live or Die Life of Anne Sexton / by Ashley Ray (p.37-51) -- DNA Microarrays and Bayesian Multiple-Hypothesis Testing / by James Scott (p.52-56) -- Sales Tax On Electronic Commerce Consumption—Issues of Equity / by Saulo Santos de Souza (p.57-62) -- Nitric Oxide Involvement in Unisexual Whiptail Lizards— Facilitation of Male-like Pseudocopulatory Behavior / by Erik Weissler (p.63-68)
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    Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 2
    (2003) University of Texas at Austin
    Table of contents: Acceptable Sacrifice: Pollution at the Ashio Copper Mine / by Kathryn Turner (p.1-8) -- Human Rights and U.S. Allies after September 11th: Two Case Studies: Uzbekistan and Tajikistan / by Heidi Boutros (p.9-14) -- Madres de Plaza de Mayo: An Argentine Nongovernmental Organization / by Edgar Morales (p.15-24) -- An Introduction to Neutron Imaging Along With the Status of The University of Texas Thermal Neutron Imaging Facility / by Matthew Griffin (p.25-30) -- Suburban Neighborhoods: Design, Lifestyle and Community / by Sara Cary (p.31-38) -- An Example of Chaos in a Differential Equation / by Katherine Bold (p.39-42) -- A Poisson Model for Quantity Purchase Decisions of Households Estimated using Retail Scanner Data / by Shobana Sankaran (p.43-52) -- Treatment and Outcome in Patients with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the Base of Tongue / by Amy Chen (p.53-61)
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    Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 1
    (2002) University of Texas at Austin
    Table of contents: Competition and Pricing Strategies in the Online Marketplace / by Kenny Suttles (p.1-9) -- Perceptions, Attitudes, and American Public Opinion toward Skilled Asian Immigrants / by Lilly He (p.10-22) -- Wolf’s Great Sensitivity Integrating the Poetic Structure and Meaning into Music: A Musical Analysis of His Lied, An eine Äeolsharfe / by Su-Kyoung Choi Song (p.23-29) -- Indo-Americans’ Lifestyle Assimilation As a Function of Community Size / by Rajesh Bhargave (p.30-37) -- An Introduction to Computation of American Option / by Katy Bold, Carol Chen, Nathan Dutzmann (p.38-43) -- Perception and Societal Response to Hazard Mitigation: An Example of Arsenic Contamination of Drinking Water in Bangladesh / by Muhammad Tauhidur Rahman (p.44-52) -- The Use of Computer Codes and Simulation in Radioactive Waste Management / by Elijah Liu, Nehemiah Liu (p.53-58)