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UT Tower and campus image credit: Earl McGehee, CC-BY, https://www.flickr.com/photos/ejmc/7452145850

  • Cu-catalyzed three-component carboamination of 2-arylacrylates 

    Popov, Andrei
    There is an increasing demand for modern methods to construct one of the most ubiquitous bonds in biologically active molecules: a carbon-nitrogen bond. Transition metal catalysis represents a powerful tool to create new ...
  • Freedom, mattering, and the intrinsic badness of suffering 

    Andrew, James Preston; 0000-0001-8910-3601 (2021-07-10)
    This dissertation is, fundamentally, concerned with two questions: (1) ought we to believe that anything matters in itself?, and (2) if so, what ought we to believe matters in this way?; with respect to (1), I argue in ...
  • Passing through for saxophone quartet 

    Abad, Nabil; 0000-0003-1354-8975
    Work for Saxophone Quartet that explores the use of indeterminate form as a metaphor for travel. Allowing the quartet to plan the order of the movements as one would plan stops on a road trip.
  • Mechanical overload induces muscle hypertrophy in mice with lowered serum IGF-1 

    Zannikos, Symeon Vasilios (2004-05-22)
    Decreased serum levels of IGF-1 result in lower muscle and body weights. Muscular autocrine/paracrine IGF-I may be stimulated in response to mechanical overload. Purpose: to determine whether normal levels of serum IGF-I ...
  • Self-knowledge at the margins 

    Trees, Hannah (2021-07-24)
    This dissertation is a collection of three papers – “Knowing Oneself for Others,” “Stereotype Threat and the Value of Self-Knowledge,” and “Self-Knowledge, Epistemic Work, and Injustice” – in which I address the connections ...

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