Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 7

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University of Texas at Austin
Blaisdell, Bryan
Wallentine, Brad
Chung, Stephanie
Carson, Kristen
Dryden, John
Denbow, Jennifer

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Senate of College Councils, The University of Texas at Austin


Table of contents: Not a Theological Question: Is the River Jordan Really Dammed to Hell? / by Bryan Blaisdell (p.1-15) -- Photosynthetic Pigments of Plants in a Tropical Cloud Forest: An Example of Low Productivity and Specialized Acclimation / by Brad Wallentine (p.16-26) -- Emma Bovary’s Blind Beggar: Repressed Reality / by Stephanie Chung (p.27-36) -- TUPE or Not TUPE?: The Impact of Labor Regulations on Business Transfers: A Comparative Case Study Approach to Labor Laws in the UK v. US / by Kristen Carson (p.37-48) -- Texas and American, the Dual Identity: A History of the Texas Militia and Its Relation to Identity / by John Dryden (p.49-64) -- Thermophilic Chemoautotrophic Arsenite-Oxidizing Bacterium Enriched from the E1 Tatio Geyser Field, Northern Chile / by Jennifer Denbow (p.65-78)


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