Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 1

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University of Texas at Austin

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Table of contents: Competition and Pricing Strategies in the Online Marketplace / by Kenny Suttles (p.1-9) -- Perceptions, Attitudes, and American Public Opinion toward Skilled Asian Immigrants / by Lilly He (p.10-22) -- Wolf’s Great Sensitivity Integrating the Poetic Structure and Meaning into Music: A Musical Analysis of His Lied, An eine Äeolsharfe / by Su-Kyoung Choi Song (p.23-29) -- Indo-Americans’ Lifestyle Assimilation As a Function of Community Size / by Rajesh Bhargave (p.30-37) -- An Introduction to Computation of American Option / by Katy Bold, Carol Chen, Nathan Dutzmann (p.38-43) -- Perception and Societal Response to Hazard Mitigation: An Example of Arsenic Contamination of Drinking Water in Bangladesh / by Muhammad Tauhidur Rahman (p.44-52) -- The Use of Computer Codes and Simulation in Radioactive Waste Management / by Elijah Liu, Nehemiah Liu (p.53-58)


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