Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 15

Haley, Patrick
Usheva, Emiliya
Clapp, Savannah
Rowsey, Lauren
Grant, Jordan
DoBoer, Kendall
McComb, Sofie
Madhavan, Subhashini
Fall, Dylan
Holley, Jo-anne
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Table of Contents: The Effects of Snorkel-Based Tourism on the Behavior of Reef Fishes / by Savannah Clapp, Lauren Rowsey, and Jordan Grant (p.1-18) -- People Broken Into Pieces Trying to Join: Byzantine Erotica and the Provocative Paradox / by Kendall DeBoer (p.19-28) -- The Legacy of 1830 Land Cover on Present-Day Massachusetts Forest Composition / by Sofie McComb (p.29-58) -- The Role of Labels in Making Inferences about Group Categorization / by Subhashini Madhavan (p.59-76) -- Transcending Autobiography: Simultaneity and Meaning in Elisabet Ney’s Lady Macbeth / by Kendall DeBoer (p.77-92) -- Comparison of Microbial Diversity in Local Wasps and Plant Surfaces / by Dylan Fall and Jo-anne Holley (p.93-104) -- Ambiguity in Biotechnology Patent Policy: Lessons from Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc. / by Chari Noddings (p.105-126) -- About the uncountability of the number of irrational powers of irrational numbers evaluated as rationals and solutions’ estimation for xx=y and xx =y / by Anca Andrei (p.127-133)