Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 16

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Mansoori, Shadhi
Williams, David
Stewart, Rochelle
Guan, Clarice
Kessenich, Marissa
Andrei, Anca
Kritzer, Mark
Hill, Andrew Haruki
Springer, Samantha
Shilling, E.

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Table of Contents: Role of Anxiety and Memory Confidence in Compulsive Checking Behaviors / by Rochelle Stewart (p.1-14) -- Relative Roles of Native Herbs and Foreign Spices in 13th-17th Century European Medicine / by Clarice Guan (p.15-35) -- The Scientist in Society, Then & Now: A Historical Analysis of Brecht's Galileo / by Marissa Kessenich (p.36-43) -- Some Considerations on the Relationships Between an Infinite Group and its Subgroups / by Anca Andrei (p.44-49) -- From Stretcher to Golden Meal: The Rise of Meatloaf in the American Diet / by Mark Kritzer (p.50-56) -- An Economic Analysis of the Monopoly Board Game / by Andrew Haruki Hill (p.57-67) -- Rhetorical Resolution: Lyndon B. Johnson's Joint Address to Congress / by Samantha Springer (p.68-75) -- Tourism and Coral Reef Community Structure in Akumal Bay / by E. Shilling, K. Holt, and D. Gartman (p.76-88) -- The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and Related Recommendations for the U.S. National Action Plan (p.89-112)


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