Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 9

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University of Texas at Austin
Bosworth, Whitney
Divakaruni, Anand
Eschenbach, Eduardo
Lewis, John
Marshall, Joe
Rodriguez, Esmeralda
Wainright, Michael

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Senate of College Councils, The University of Texas at Austin


Table of contents: “Be All That You Can Be,” Regardless of Gender / by Whitney Bosworth (p.1-8) -- The Duke and His Justice / by Anand Divakaruni (p.9-15) -- Inhibition of HID-induced apoptosis in Spodoptera frugiperda by baculoviral Op-IAP / by Eduardo Eschenbach (p.16-23) -- Speaking to His Board of Directors: President Roosevelt and the Fireside Chats / by John Lewis (p.24-31) -- Lost and Forgotten outside o’ Kingston Town: The Unequal Retention of Jamaican Cultural Identity in Reggae and Ska / by Joe Marshall (p.32-39) -- Hecho en México: Mexican Origin Undergraduates’ Cultural Identity Construction in a Predominantly White Institution / by Esmeralda Rodriguez (p.40-51) -- From Fashion to Custom: Will You Catch the Bug and Snack on it? / by Michael Wainright (p.52-61)


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