Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 3

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University of Texas at Austin

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Table of contents: Small-Scale Renewable Energy in Panama— Current Status, Lessons Learned, and Barriers Faced / by Corinna Kester (p.1-7) -- Changes in Presidential Public Approval Ratings at the Start of U.S. Military Conflict Abroad, 1950–1999 / by Connor McGee (p.8-16) -- From Wrinkles to Bioterrorism—The Big Role of Little Synaptobrevin in Neurotransmission / by Elizabeth Mercer, Alok Deshpande, Adam Hafemesiter (p.17-26) -- Inequality and Violent Crime in Brazil / by Edgar A. Morales (p.27-36) -- In Search of an Accident of Hope—The Live or Die Life of Anne Sexton / by Ashley Ray (p.37-51) -- DNA Microarrays and Bayesian Multiple-Hypothesis Testing / by James Scott (p.52-56) -- Sales Tax On Electronic Commerce Consumption—Issues of Equity / by Saulo Santos de Souza (p.57-62) -- Nitric Oxide Involvement in Unisexual Whiptail Lizards— Facilitation of Male-like Pseudocopulatory Behavior / by Erik Weissler (p.63-68)


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