Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 2

University of Texas at Austin
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Table of contents: Acceptable Sacrifice: Pollution at the Ashio Copper Mine / by Kathryn Turner (p.1-8) -- Human Rights and U.S. Allies after September 11th: Two Case Studies: Uzbekistan and Tajikistan / by Heidi Boutros (p.9-14) -- Madres de Plaza de Mayo: An Argentine Nongovernmental Organization / by Edgar Morales (p.15-24) -- An Introduction to Neutron Imaging Along With the Status of The University of Texas Thermal Neutron Imaging Facility / by Matthew Griffin (p.25-30) -- Suburban Neighborhoods: Design, Lifestyle and Community / by Sara Cary (p.31-38) -- An Example of Chaos in a Differential Equation / by Katherine Bold (p.39-42) -- A Poisson Model for Quantity Purchase Decisions of Households Estimated using Retail Scanner Data / by Shobana Sankaran (p.43-52) -- Treatment and Outcome in Patients with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the Base of Tongue / by Amy Chen (p.53-61)