Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 22, No.1

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University of Texas at Austin



Table of Contents: Economic Gerrymandering and the Socioeconomic Reprecussions on Texas’ Hispanic Communities / by Dylan Shears (p. 8) – Understanding the Ethics of Minors Serving as Living Organ Donors / by Kaitlyn D. Castro (p. 14) – The Fringe of Evil: Peripheral Figures in Medieval English Prostitution / by Meghan Hoeflingg (p. 22) – Adult Attachment Style, Native Language, and Relationship Satisfaction / by Natalie Carr (p. 29) – Shearing of Triangles / by Jacob F. Hinds (p. 41) – Exploring the Unknown: Children’s Relationships with Uncertainty Predict Psychosocial Functioning / by Ashley Lynn Missimo (p. 46) – Anxiety and Affective Intrusive Thinking in Working Memory / by Neerul Gupta (p. 58)

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