Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 13

University of Texas at Austin
Becker, Madison
Garza, Sylvia
Wood, Christopher
Ghraowi, Ghayde
Messamore, Andrew
Voorhis, Elise
Wight, Chris
Zhang, Shun
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Senate of College Councils, The University of Texas at Austin

Table of Contents: Biodiversity and Taxonomic Richness of Macroalgae among Cenotes of the Eastern Yucatan Peninsula / by Madison Becker, Sylvia Garza and Christopher Wood (p.1-20) -- Vertical Vienna: Representations of The Occupied Metropolis in Graham Greene’s The Third Man / by Ghayde Ghraowi (p. 21-28) -- Geographies of Distinction: A Study of Space, Visibility, and Upper Middle Class Identity in Texas / by Andrew Messamore (p. 29-46) -- The Infinite and the Finite: An Analysis of the United States' Energy Future / by Elise Voorhis (p. 47-64) -- Regeneration by Fragmentation along Elevation and East-West Gradient in Tropical Cloud Forest Understory Piper spp. / by Chris Wight (p. 65-76) -- Action Selection in Robotic Motion Learning / by Shun Zhang (p. 77-87)