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The BiblioNoticias series is an ongoing subject-oriented bibliography to which several new issues are added each year. The series is compiled by staff members at the Benson Latin American Collection and, except where otherwise noted, all materials cited are available in this library. Individual issues in the series address specific subject areas which are considered likely to be of interest to researchers within the field of Latin American Studies. Consequently, although the BiblioNoticias series is collection-specific (i.e., referring only to materials available at the Benson Latin American Collection), it is nonetheless a useful guide for any person wishing to find some initial bibliographic landmarks within a given subject area.


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    United States Department of State Microfilm at the Benson Collection
    (Benson Latin American Collection, 2003-08) Schroer, Craig
    This Biblionoticias is a compilation of all microfilm copies of United States Department of State records currently held by the Benson Latin American Collection. It is arranged alphabetically by country and, where the materials support it, further organization is alphabetically by city and/or by dates covered. A "Miscellaneous" section at the end of this guide lists those items that fall outside of this categorization scheme. All microfilms are located on floor 3N in the Benson Collection stacks. A union list of combined holdings of major sets of microforms (other than newspapers) documenting public and international affairs in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean is also available online.
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    Drug Trafficking in the Americas: Selected Sources
    (Benson Latin American Collection, 2000-11) Schroer, Craig
    The topic of illegal drugs and drug trafficking spans a multitude of disciplines, including economics, political science, media studies, sociology, psychology, and health. As a result, researchers are faced with an abundance of materials when embarking on a study. This bibliography of selected works provides a sampling of materials published since 1990. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials are located in the Benson Latin American Collection.
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    Religion: Current Periodicals in the Benson Latin American Collection
    (Benson Latin American Collection, 2000-01) Delepiani, Oscar E.
    Religion is an important aspect of Latin American society, and many educational and research institutions are associated with a religious group or have a religious orientation. They produce many journals, magazines, and newsletters. This bibliography is a guide to the most current periodicals in the Benson Collection which emphasize religion. To find other similar periodicals in the online catalog you may do subject keyword searches which include the country name under subjects such as: Christianity, Church and social problems, Evangelicalism, Judaism, Jews, Missions, Pentecostalism, Protestantism, Protestants, Religion, Spiritualism, Theology, or the names of religious groups (ex.: Catholic Church; Baptists) and religious orders (ex.: Dominicans), and Periodicals. You may also search the names of ethnic groups or countries combined with the word Religion.
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    Ecotourism in Latin America
    (Benson Latin American Collection, 1999-11) Schroer, Craig
    In the past decade, the idea of ecotourism as a means of combining sustainable development with ecological protection has garnered a good deal of attention from several different quarters including environmentalists, indigenous peoples, business people and government agencies. This bibliography is intended as a guide to the holdings available at the Benson Collection and, in a few instances, elsewhere on campus. As new titles are added to the collection they will be accessible through the library catalog by doing a subject search on "ecotourism."
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    Curanderismo: Folk Healing in the Mexican American Community
    (Benson Latin American Collection, 1999-09) Gutiérrez, Margo
    Traditional folk healing practices continue to be viable and prevalent in the Mexican American community. The study of curanderismo and related folk medical practices encompasses several disciplines: anthropology, folklore, sociology, psychology, medicine, and history. This bibliography makes no attempt to be comprehensive; it is merely meant to provide readers with a sampling of titles geared, for the most part, to the non-specialist. Note that works listed here are generally limited to curanderismo and related fields in the Mexican American community. Additional sources for curanderismo can be found in the online catalog under the subjects, Mexican American folk medicine; Folk medicine; Healers; Herbs–Therapeutic use; Medicinal plants, and Mexican Americans–Health and hygiene.
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    The Texas-Mexico Border Region: Classic Works and Recent Publications
    (Benson Latin American Collection, 1999-05) Benavides, Adán
    This multidisciplinary bibliography of works on the Texas-Mexico border area reflects the continuing prominence of the region in national and binational affairs. Most were published in the 1990s, but a few classic works are also listed. The items represent the social and health sciences; the cultural aspects of art, music, folklore, and literature; sources for environmental studies, history, and economics; and the increasingly useful information available through electronic media. Most items, moreover, emphasize the Texas side of the border.
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    Argentine Art: Selected Sources
    (Benson Latin American Collection, 1999-03) Gutiérrez-Witt, Laura
    Argentina is a major center for Latin American art where artists thrive, particularly in the vibrant and active cultural milieu of Buenos Aires, but also in the provincial capitals. Known and appreciated around the world, Argentine artists of the twentieth century have consistently absorbed global artistic trends without losing their national identity. Printed works about art and artists are produced by many Argentine publishers: museums, galleries, academic institutions, commercial publishers, and government agencies. This bibliography complements BiblioNoticias no. 94, "Latin American Art: Selected Sources," which lists the more general reference sources covering all or major regions of Latin America. Both bibliographies should be consulted in order to compile a more complete listing of sources on Argentine art.
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    Slides of Latin America and the Caribbean
    (Benson Latin American Collection, 1999-01) Garner, Jane
    This listing of all 35mm. slides relating to Latin America and the Caribbean currently held by the Benson Latin American Collection is arranged by country or geographic area. Slides are housed in the Rare Books and Manuscripts Unit (SRH 1.101) where they may be viewed on a hand viewer. They may be checked out for classroom presentations but are otherwise library-use only. Slides with Dewey or Library of Congress classification numbers accompany books.
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    Migration in Latin America: Selected Recent Sources
    (Benson Latin American Collection, 1998-11) Delepiani, Oscar E.
    Migration in Latin America in all of its manifestations--internal migration, emigration to other countries, and immigration--has been a topic of continuing interest and the subject of works of history, demography, social science, and literature, among others. This bibliography provides a selective list of recent publications on migration and related topics available in the Benson Collection. It excludes works that focus on the following topics: immigration from Latin America to the United States; historical works about immigrants or immigration from countries outside of Latin America or of ethnic groups to the Americas; and works dealing primarily with rural-urban migration, refugees, repatriation, return migration, forced migration, diaspora, personal accounts, or works about immigration to or from very specific localities within countries. To locate additional materials in UTCAT, the online catalog, do a subject search with the name of the region or country plus the phrase, emigration and immigration (Ex.: s argentina emigration and immigration). You may also do a subject keyword search using the words immigration, emigration, or migration (Ex.: sk migration venezuela; sk southern cone immigration).
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    Brazilian Statistics: Selected Sources
    (Benson Latin American Collection, 1998-09) Hartness, Ann
    The following publications were selected to provide a broad thematic variety of statistical sources related to Brazil. Most are recent works--many are published annually--supplemented with censuses and historical sources. The Benson Collection has many other statistical compilations. Many of them can be found in the online catalog under the subject key words listed on page 13.
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    Latina and Latino Literature: Anthologies of the 1990s, A Selected Bibliography
    (Benson Latin American Collection, 1998-05) Gutiérrez, Margo
    Latino literature in the 1990s has come into its own, finally recognized by mainstream publishers as a legitimate, indeed integral, part of American letters. In addition to major publishing houses, small and university presses as well as recognized Hispanic or Latino publishers continue to provide an eager and growing reading public with the rich and diverse literary expressions that make up the Latina and Latino experience. This bibliography makes no attempt to be comprehensive or all-inclusive; it is merely meant to provide readers with a sampling of titles published this decade, many of which are still in print. In general, theater has been omitted unless included in works with other genres. Thanks to R. Joseph Rodríguez and Amanda Salinas for their assistance.
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    Latin American Art: Selected Sources
    (Benson Latin American Collection, 1998-03) Gutiérrez-Witt, Laura
    The increasingly visible presence of Latin American artists and their work on the global art scene has resulted in a vast increase in the number of publications and sources of information on Latin American art. A variety of institutions such as museums, galleries, and universities as well as commercial publishers and government cultural agencies in the United States, Latin America and Europe are sponsoring and distributing these materials. Necessarily the titles selected for this bibliography represent only those works which deal with Latin American art in general. Publications which deal with the history of art in one country or with only one artist are excluded due to their sheer volume. Latin American art is here defined to include all media: painting, architecture, sculpture, photography, drawing, printmaking, textiles, decorative art such as furniture and metalwork, and contemporary folk art. The titles are limited to works and artists of the sixteenth to twentieth centuries. Materials on pre-Columbian indigenous art are excluded, again because of their volume.
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    Specialized Bilingual Dictionaries
    (Benson Latin American Collection, 1998-01) Schroer, Craig
    This bibliography offers a cross-section of bilingual dictionaries devoted to specific subjects or to those with special features (such as pictorial dictionaries) with a focus on those which are most up-to-date. In a few cases the items listed may not be recent but are deemed of significant value for other reasons (e.g., authoritative reference works which have not been updated). Bilingual dictionaries of a general nature are not included but may be located by searching the online catalog by subject under "Spanish language-Dictionaries-English;" "English language-Dictionaries-Portuguese;" etc.
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    Ethnobotany in Mexico: An Annotated Bibliography
    (Benson Latin American Collection, 1997-11) Aguirre, Hervé Gabriel
    The discovery of the New World resulted in the discovery and subsequent utilization of many new species of plants, such as potato, avocado, chocolate, and coca. Ethnobotany, the study of the use of plants by native people and the relationship to their environment, has been a part of the literature of the New World since the sixteenth century. Bernardino de Sahagún, a Franciscan friar, was first to examine the plant use of the Nahua. Since then, many others have studied the relationship of the people of Mexico to their environment. The publications listed here are located in the Benson Latin American Collection stacks, unless otherwise indicated.
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    Puerto Rico: Information Studies
    (Benson Latin American Collection, 1997-09) Acosta-Rodríguez, Fernando
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    Mexican Americans in Texas: Notable Works, 1990-1996
    (Benson Latin American Collection, 1997-05) Gutiérrez, Margo
    This bibliography updates Biblionoticias No. 55, Mexican Americans in Texas: Notable Works, 1985-1989 and, with few exceptions, lists only published works that treat historical and social science topics relating to the Mexican American presence in Texas, from the Spanish colonial period to the present. Other titles that treat topics integral to the Mexican American cultural landscape are also included.
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    Cultural Magazines: Latin America and the Caribbean
    (Benson Latin American Collection, 1997-03) Delepiani, Oscar E.
    This bibliography is a guide to current cultural magazines in the Benson Latin American Collection. Cultural magazines, as defined here, are those containing articles on cultural topics related to the country of publication; that is, the arts, literature, history, and the humanities in general. These magazines, intended for the general reader, are usually published by cultural institutions, public or private, and by universities. They are often well illustrated and elegant in presentation, but of irregular frequency. To find additional similar periodicals in UTCAT, search the name of the country plus the words, "Civilization Periodicals" (Argentina Civilization Periodicals), as a subject in UTCAT, the online catalog. The most recent issues of the magazines which are starred (*) are located in the Periodicals Reading Area, shelved alphabetically under their titles, while older issues are in the Benson Collection stacks under their classification numbers. Unstarred magazines are located in the stacks.
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    Carnival in Brazil: Selected Sources
    (Benson Latin American Collection, 1997-01) McCann, Katherine
    Carnival, the annual celebration before Lent, is perhaps the most widely attended of Brazilian festivals and certainly the most widely recognized internationally. Scholars and writers from various disciplines continue to examine Carnival, Carnaval in Portuguese, as both a reflection and a distortion of national identity. This bibliography is intended to help the reader locate materials that describe the history, music, and images of Carnival, and its role in Brazilian popular culture. Many more sources can be located through the General Libraries' online catalog, UTCAT.
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    Our Lady of Guadalupe: Sources in English
    (Benson Latin American Collection, 1996-11) González, Frank
    According to tradition, the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego, an Indian, on a hill near the outskirts of Mexico City on a December morning in 1531. Before the Conquest, the site of her apparition, Tepeyac, had been a sacred place dedicated to the Aztec goddess, Tonantzin. Her image, imprinted on Juan Diego's mantle, was one of a brown-skinned madonna with pre-Columbian vestiges, and struck a chord with her early supplicants. A cult soon developed around "La Morenita." She was adopted as a symbol of Mexican nationalism, and has become a rallying point for political and social movements from the Mexican countryside of the insurgents to the fields of California's farmworkers. To her devotees, La Virgen de Guadalupe invokes faith, hope, and compassion; she embraces the cause of the poor, the ignored, the voiceless, the oppressed. In short, La Reina de México and Emperatriz de las Américas, as she is often referred to, has left a profound impact of the religious and cultural life of Mexicans and Mexican Americans.
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    Science and Technology in Latin America: Current Periodicals
    (Benson Latin American Collection, 1996-09) Schroer, Craig
    The following periodicals about science and technology in Latin America typically fall into one of two categories -- general interest science publications for the layperson, and technical journals for the specialist. The greatest number of science periodicals held by the Benson Latin American Collection are from Brazil and Mexico, but other countries are also represented. Information such as frequency of publication, the language(s) used, and indexing has been included when available. Beginning dates of publication are given when known.