Cultural Magazines: Latin America and the Caribbean

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Delepiani, Oscar E.

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Benson Latin American Collection


This bibliography is a guide to current cultural magazines in the Benson Latin American Collection. Cultural magazines, as defined here, are those containing articles on cultural topics related to the country of publication; that is, the arts, literature, history, and the humanities in general. These magazines, intended for the general reader, are usually published by cultural institutions, public or private, and by universities. They are often well illustrated and elegant in presentation, but of irregular frequency. To find additional similar periodicals in UTCAT, search the name of the country plus the words, "Civilization Periodicals" (Argentina Civilization Periodicals), as a subject in UTCAT, the online catalog. The most recent issues of the magazines which are starred (*) are located in the Periodicals Reading Area, shelved alphabetically under their titles, while older issues are in the Benson Collection stacks under their classification numbers. Unstarred magazines are located in the stacks.



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