Migration in Latin America: Selected Recent Sources

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Delepiani, Oscar E.

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Benson Latin American Collection


Migration in Latin America in all of its manifestations--internal migration, emigration to other countries, and immigration--has been a topic of continuing interest and the subject of works of history, demography, social science, and literature, among others. This bibliography provides a selective list of recent publications on migration and related topics available in the Benson Collection. It excludes works that focus on the following topics: immigration from Latin America to the United States; historical works about immigrants or immigration from countries outside of Latin America or of ethnic groups to the Americas; and works dealing primarily with rural-urban migration, refugees, repatriation, return migration, forced migration, diaspora, personal accounts, or works about immigration to or from very specific localities within countries. To locate additional materials in UTCAT, the online catalog, do a subject search with the name of the region or country plus the phrase, emigration and immigration (Ex.: s argentina emigration and immigration). You may also do a subject keyword search using the words immigration, emigration, or migration (Ex.: sk migration venezuela; sk southern cone immigration).



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