Latin American Art: Selected Sources

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Gutiérrez-Witt, Laura

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Benson Latin American Collection


The increasingly visible presence of Latin American artists and their work on the global art scene has resulted in a vast increase in the number of publications and sources of information on Latin American art. A variety of institutions such as museums, galleries, and universities as well as commercial publishers and government cultural agencies in the United States, Latin America and Europe are sponsoring and distributing these materials. Necessarily the titles selected for this bibliography represent only those works which deal with Latin American art in general. Publications which deal with the history of art in one country or with only one artist are excluded due to their sheer volume. Latin American art is here defined to include all media: painting, architecture, sculpture, photography, drawing, printmaking, textiles, decorative art such as furniture and metalwork, and contemporary folk art. The titles are limited to works and artists of the sixteenth to twentieth centuries. Materials on pre-Columbian indigenous art are excluded, again because of their volume.



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