Contributions in Marine Science, formerly the Publications of the Institute of Marine Science

Publications of the Institute of Marine Science,
v. 1-11, 1945-1966 ISSN 0096-431X

Contributions in Marine Science,
v. 12-38, 1967-2009 ISSN 0082-3449

The University of Texas Marine Science Institute has been in the forefront of research, education, and outreach in the Texas Coastal zone for over 60 years. Its first director and a professor of zoology, Dr. E. J. Lund established the scientific journal, Publications of the Institute of Marine Science, now known as Contributions in Marine Science. Its first volume began in 1945 with Lund as editor. Current issues include reviews and monographs of basic or regional importance in marine science, with emphasis on the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding areas.

The Marine Science Institute has gone through several name changes throughout the years. For ease of searching, the author listing for all items in the UT Digital Repository is University of Texas Marine Science Institute. For historical reference, here is the list of name changes throughout the years:

  • 1941: formally established as the Institute of Marine Science
  • 1968: changed name to Marine Science Institute at Port Aransas
  • 1975: became Port Aransas Marine Laboratory, was joined with Galveston Geophysical Laboratory and placed under an umbrella organization called the Marine Science Institute. Both laboratories were affiliated with the Dept. of Marine Studies at the main UT Austin campus
  • 1981: Institute for Geophysics was established and incorporated Galveston Geophysical Lab. Port Aransas facility once again became the sole location of the university's Marine Science Institute.

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