Contributions in marine science volume 38

University of Texas Marine Science Institute
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Port Aransas Marine Laboratory, University of Texas Marine Science Institute

Table of Contents. Florida Bay: A subtropical system increasingly influenced by multiple stressors / P.M. Glibert, C.A. Heil and C.J. Madden (p. 1-4) -- Florida Bay: Water quality status and trends, historic and emerging algal bloom problems / P.M. Glibert, C.A. Heil, D.T. Rudnick, C.J. Madden, J.N. Boyer and S.P. Kelly (p. 5-18) -- Physiological characteristics and competitive strategies of bloom-forming cyanobacteria and diatoms of Florida Bay / B. Richardson (p. 19-36) -- Size-fractionated alkaline phosphatase activity along a gradient of nitrogen to phosphorous limitation in a carbonate dominated subtropical estuary / C.A. Heil, P.M. Glibert, S. Murasko and J. Alexander (p. 37-48) -- Water column nitrogen cycling and microbial plankton in Florida Bay / M.J. McCarthy, W.S. Gardner, P.J. Lavrentyev, F.J. Jochem and C.J. Williams (p. 49-62) -- Estimates of phytoplankton growth from a Lagrangian experiment in western Florida Bay, USA / G.A. Vargo, G.L. Hitchcock and M.B. Neely (p. 63-72) -- Comparative nutrient and phytoplankton dynamics in two subtropical estuaries: Florida Bay, USA and Moreton Bay, Australia / P.M. Glibert, C.A. Heil, J. Alexander, S. Murasko and J.M. O'Neil (p. 73-90) -- Seasonal and regional variation in net ecosystem production in Thalassia testudinum, communities throughout Florida Bay / J.L. Nagel, W.M. Kemp, J.C. Cornwell, M.S. Owens, D. Hinkle and C.J. Madden (p. 91-108) -- Carbon (δ13C) and nitrogen (δ15N) isotopic discrimination in mangroves in Florida coastal Everglades as a function of environmental stress / J.E. Mancera-Pineda, R.T. Twilley and V.H. Rivera-Monroy (p. 109-129)