Publications of the Institute of Marine Science volume 4

University of Texas Marine Science Institute
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Port Aransas Marine Laboratory, University of Texas Marine Science Institute

Table of Contents for Number 1. The External Morphology of Blias prionoti Kroyer, a Copepod Parasite of the Sea Robins (Prinonotus) / David Causey (p. 5-12) -- A Contribution to the Hydrography of Apalachicola Bay Florida / C. E. Dawson (p. 13-35) -- Studies on Fouling Organisms of the Northwest Gulf of Mexico / Gordon Gunter and Richard A. Geyer (p. 36-67) -- Some Phases of the Biology of Ostrea equestris Say and a Comparison with Crassostrea virginica (Gmelin) / R. Winston Menzel (68-153) -- Effect of the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River on Hydrography of Redfish Bay and Blind Bay / Richard A. Geyer (p. 154-168) -- A Study of the Fauna of the Pink Shrimp (Penaeus duorarum Burkenroad) Grounds in the Gulf of Campeche / Henry H. Hildebrand (p. 169-232) -- Studies on the Monogenetic Trematodes of the Texas Coast. I. Results of a survey of marine fishes at Port Aransas, with a review of Monogenea reported from the Gulf of Mexico and notes on euryhalinity, host-specificity, and relationship of the Remora and the Cobia / Kunnenkeri J. Koratha (p. 233-249) -- Studies on the Monogenetic Trematodes of the Texas Coast. II. Descriptions of species from marine fishes of Port Aransas / Kunnenkeri J. Koratha (p. 251-278) -- A Study of the Oyster Biology and Hydrography at Crystal River, Florida / C. E. Dawson (p. 279-302)

Table of Contents for Number 2. Texas Bay Sediments / Francis P. Shepard and Gene A. Rusnak (p. 5-13) -- A Method for Measuring Eddy Diffusion in Coastal Embayments / F. W. Moon, Jr., Charles L. Bretschneider, and Donald Hood (p. 14-21) -- Strontium in Natural Waters / Howard T. Odum (p. 22-37) -- Biogeochemcial Deposition of Strontium / Howard T. Odum (38-114) -- Metabolism of a Laboratory Stream Microcosm / Howard T. Odum and Charles M. Hoskin (p. 115-133) -- Ecological Survey of Baffin and Alazan Bays, Texas / Joseph P. Breuer (p. 134-155) -- Ecological Survey of the Upper Laguna Madre of Texas / Ernest G. Simmons (p. 156-200) -- Studies on the Ecology of Two Species of Donax on Mustang Island, Texas / Harold Loesch (p. 201-227) -- The Summer Marine Flora of Mississippi Sound / Harold Humm (p. 228-264) -- The Effect of Suspended Materials on the Reproductive Rate of Daphnia Magna / Maryanne Robinson (p. 265-277) -- The Acanthocephalan Parasites of the Fishes of the Texas Coast / W. L. Bullock (p. 278-283) -- Body Fluid of the Oyster Crassostrea virginica / Milton Fingerman (p. 284-292) -- Note on the Reflex Inhibition of Water Propulsion by the Oyster / E.J. Lund and Ernest Powell (p. 293-295) - A Quantitative Study of Clearance of a Turbid Medium and Feeding by the Oyster / E.J. Lund (p. 296-312) -- Self-silting, Survival of the Oyster as a Closed System and Reducing Tendencies of the Environment of the Oyster / E.J. Lund (p. 313-319) -- Self-silting by the Oyster and Its Significance for Sedimentation Geology / E.J. Lund (p. 320-327) -- A Effect of Bleedwater, "Soluble Fraction" and Crude Oil on the Oyster / E.J. Lund (p. 328-341)

Volume 4 includes 2 issues: Number 1 and Number 2.