Publications of the Institute of Marine Science volume 10

University of Texas Marine Science Institute
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Port Aransas Marine Laboratory, University of Texas Marine Science Institute
Table of Contents. Ecological Implications of the Behavior of the Sexually Dimorphic Goby Microgobius gulosus (Girard) / by R.C. Baird (p. 1) -- Fauna of the Aransas Pass Inlet, Texas. I. Emigration as Shown by Tide Trap Collections / by B.J. Copeland (p. 9) -- A Study of the Hydrography of Inshore Waters in the Western Gulf of Mexico off Port Aransas, Texas / by Robert S. Jones, B.J. Copeland, and H.D Hoese (p. 22) -- A Quantitative Study of Selected Nearshore Infauna Between Sabine Pass and Bolivar Point, Texas / by Don E. Keith and Neil C. Hulings (p. 33) -- Distribution and Growth of Penaeid Shrimp in Mobile Bay, Alabama / by Harold Loesch (p. 41) -- Vertical Distribution of the Planktonic Stages of Penaeid Shrimp / by Robert F. Temple and Clarence C. Fischer (p. 59) -- Fish Stocks From a Helicopter-Borne Purse Net Sampling of Corpus Christi Bay, Texas 1962-1963 / by Robert S. Jones (p. 68) -- Strontium in Calcite: New Analyses / by Daniel J. Nelson (p. 76) -- A Trawl Survey of the Shallow Gulf Fishes Near Port Aransas, Texas / by John M. Miller (p. 80) -- Mollusks from the Deeper Waters of the Northwestern Campeche Bank, Mexico / by Winnie H. Rice and Louis S. Kornicker (p. 108) -- Fixing of Fallout Material by Floating Marine Organisms Sargassum fluitans and S. Natans / by Ernest E. Angino, John E. Simek, and Jim A. Davis (p. 173) -- The Effect of Hypersalinity on Serum and Muscle Ion Concentrations in the Striped Mullet, Mugil cephalus L / by W.N. McFarland (p. 179) -- Calcium Carbonate Deposition Associated with Blue-Green Algal Mats, Baffin Bay, Texas / by Don W. Dalrymple (p. 187) -- An Annotated Checklist of the Fishes of the Galveston Bay System, Texas / by Jack C. Parker (p. 201) -- The Cytochrome Electrode System and the Bioelectric Field of the Cell. Part I: The E.M.F. in the root of Allium cepa. Part II: The E.M.F. in the frog skin / by E.J. Lund, J.N. Pratley and Hilda F. Rosene (p. 221) -- Contributions of I.M.S. Staff, 1963-1964 (p. 249)