Publications of the Institute of Marine Science volume 9

University of Texas Marine Science Institute
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Port Aransas Marine Laboratory, University of Texas Marine Science Institute
Table of Contents. Institute of Marine Science, Staff and Students for 1962 (p. III) -- Helicopter Borne Purse Net for Population Sampling of Shallow Marine Bays / by Robert S. Jones, William B. Ogletree, John H. Thompson Jr., and Cdr. Wm. Klenniken, USN (p. 1) -- Buried Pleistocene River Valleys in Aransas and Baffin Bays, Texas / by E. William Behrens (p. 7) -- A Characteristic Diurnal Metabolic Pattern in Balanced Microcosms / by Robert J. Beyers (p. 19) -- Cobalt, Iron, and Manganese in a Texas Bay / by Patrick L. Parker, Ann Gibbs, and Robert Lawler (p. 28) -- Radioactive Fallout in Sargassum Drift on Texas Gulf Coast Beaches / by Cadar A. Shelby (p. 33) -- Seasonality of Larger Animals in a Texas Turtle Grass Community / by H.D. Hoese and R.S. Jones (p. 37) -- Productivity Measurements in Texas Turtle Grass and the Effects of Dredging an Intracoastal Channel / by Howard T. Odum (p. 48) -- Amino Acids in Redfish Bay, Texas / by Kilho Park, W.T. Williams, J.M. Prescott, and D.W. Hood (p. 59) -- Organic Carbon Levels in Some Aquatic Ecosystems / by Ronald F. Wilson (p. 64) -- Seasonal Plankton Productivity in the Surfzone of a South Texas Beach / by William N. McFarland (p. 77) -- Seasonal Change in the Number and the Biomass of Fishes from the Surf at Mustang Island, Texas / by William N. McFarland (p. 91) -- Growth and Decay of Penicillus capitatus Lamarck in the Lower Laguna Madre of Texas / by Lazern O. Sorensen (p. 106) -- Notes on the Fringed Pipefish, Micrognathus crinigerus, from the West Coast of Florida / by Charlie R. Powell and Kirk Strawn (p. 112) -- Cell-Diameter Frequency Distributions of the Planktonic Diatom Rhizosolenia alata / by Robert A. Woodmansee (p. 117) -- Distribution of the Zooplankton in the Salt Marshes of Southeastern Louisiana / by Rene P. Cuzon du Rest (p. 132) -- Oxygen Metabolism of Four Oklahoma Farm Ponds / by B.J. Copeland and W.R. Whitworth (p. 156) -- New Additions to the Bryozoan Fauna of the Gulf of Mexico / by Robert Lagaaij (p. 162) -- A Study of the Diatom Flora of Fresh Sediments of the South Texas Bays and Adjacent Waters / by E.J. Ferguson Wood (p. 237) -- Shallow Marine Sediments Offshore from the Brazos River, Texas / by James H. Nienaber (p. 311) -- Experiments with Engineering of Marine Ecosystems / by Howard T. Odum, Walter L. Siler, Robert J. Behrens, and Neal Armstrong (p. 373) -- Diurnal Metabolism, Total Phosphorus, Ohle Anomaly, and Zooplankton Diversity of Abnormal Marine Ecosystems of Texas / by Howard T. Odum, Rene P. Cuzon du Rest, Robert J. Beyers, and Clyde Allbaugh (p. 404) -- Directions for the Determination of Changes in Carbon Dioxide Concentration from Changes in pH / by Robert J. Beyers, James L. Larimer, Howard T. Odum, Richard B. Parker, and Neal E. Armstrong (p. 454) -- Chronological Record of Contributions from the Institute of Marine Science 1961-1962 (p. 490)