Beyond the Bleachers: Supporting Texas Football's Home Games




Illanes, Laura

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Values at Work Series: Facilities Services developed our core values of Service, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence, and Stewardship (collectively referred to as SITES) based on the way we approach our work. Our values can be found throughout our areas of services in many ways.Through a series of articles, the Values at Work Series is devoted to providing a closer look at how our values are hard at work. Each article focuses on an area of service and how that group incorporates our values in a significant way. We are proud of our employees who continue to serve as an example of “walking the talk” every day.
Before the Texas Longhorns head out on the field, they train and prepare. There’s another team of dedicated Longhorns that prepare the campus for home games each football season, too! Look closely behind the scenes, and you’ll find that supporting the home games at the stadium takes a multitude of hard-working crews and a whole lot of scheduling to make it happen. Facilities Services goes Beyond the Bleachers to share their part in the complex, yet well-executed game plan to reveal how it all comes together!

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