The First Fifty Years of Desert Fishes Council: Compiled Proceedings and Abstracts (1969 – 2018)




Hendrickson, Dean A.
Pister, Edwin P.
Findley, Lloyd T.
Garrett, Gary P.

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The Desert Fishes Council (DFC) is a non-profit (registered with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service in 1988) professional organization founded in 1969 with the mission of preserving "the biological integrity of desert aquatic ecosystems and their associated life forms, to hold symposia to report related research and management endeavors, and to effect rapid dissemination of information concerning activities of the Council and its members" (; Fulfillment of that mission from the start included the production of a comprehensive report on all meeting activities (business meeting + abstracts of presented papers and posters) that was disseminated to the membership as the "Proceedings of the Desert Fishes Council" ( After 20 years of production and editing by Phil Pister, in 1990, Dean Hendrickson assumed editorship, producing the 1990- 1994 volumes. Starting with the 1992 content, the editorial workflow changed from paper originals to all content being digital from abstract submission through published digital annual volumes available from the DFC website, and the Proceedings were formally registered as a serial publication (ISSN 1068-0381). Gary Garrett served as editor for the 1995- 1996 volumes, and Hendrickson and Garrett co-edited the 1997-1998 volumes. Hendrickson and Lloyd Findley served as co-editors for 1999-2007, adding Spanish translations of all abstracts. Following a decision by the Executive Committee to cease translation after the 2007 volume, Hendrickson continued as sole editor from 2008 through 2019. From the beginning, bound hard copies of the Proceedings were mailed to DFC members and a variable number of selected, mostly academic libraries, but around 2000, distribution switched exclusively to email and downloading from the Internet. Eventually, all pre-1992 Proceedings issues were scanned to PDFs which were made available from the website, but, with conversion of the workflow to abstract submission direct to an online database in 2008, the classical content of the Proceedings became fragmented, with minutes of the meetings published each year on the website and a separate online abstracts database. Thus, even as the 50th anniversary of the DFC approached, the historical content of its Proceedings, though all available in digital format, remained scattered across many different files and formats, making comprehensive searching of the complete content laborious. At the time of finalizing this abstract (October 2019) and final compilation of this volume, post-2007 abstracts of papers presented at the meetings were searchable from the website via the online abstract database, and the 1992-2007 PDFs of the annual Proceedings (all originally digital content) were separately searchable by downloading (from the DFC website) the annual files into PDF reader programs. The 1969-1991 volumes were also each searchable in the same way, but their textual (searchable) content, the product of automated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) done when that technology was still young, had many errors. Some business meeting minutes since 2007 were available via the DFC website, but were difficult to find there, and many were missing. Here, we provide the first single, text-based PDF file that brings the entire history of the DFC together in one place. All 2008-2018 business meeting minutes have been found and added to this file. The newer OCR technology used in this file produced much better results with the older, graphic-based content than what is found in the separate PDFs on the DFC website, and this single compilation file will now allow easy text-based querying across the complete history of DFC to present, greatly improving the utility of the archive for historical and scientific research. We are happy to now provide this permanently archived, and openly available file as a one-stop resource for access to the large corpus of historical and scientifically important conservation-related research built by the four editors who compiled this archive, and by all of the members of the DFC who contributed content over the first half century of DFC's history. As we now turn management of DFC’s future content over to future Proceedings Editors, we suggest that they initiate work (perhaps Citizen Science-based?) to correct the remaining OCR and other errors (though less prevalent than in the early volumes), and ideally eventually more fully parse, and continue mining of, the contents to serve it via a digital, online database in compliance with standard bibliographic, taxonomic, and geo-spatial data standards, comparable to the way other modern scientifically useful content is served and linked across the Internet. Ideally, authors’ presentations could also be linked-in from permanent archives (such as DFC’s F1000 channel).


Washington; Oregon; California; Baja California; Baja California Sur; Idaho; Wyoming; Montana;Utah; Nevada; Arizona; Sonora; Sinaloa; Chihuahua; Durango; Coahuila; Nuevo León; Tamaullipas; New Mexico; Texas; Acrocheilus alutaceus (Chiselmouth); Agosia chrysogaster (Longfin Dace); Ambrysus funebris (Nevares Spring Naucorid Bug); Anguilla rostrata (American Eel); Assiminea infima (Badwater Snail); Astyanax mexicanus (Mexican Tetra); Ataeniobius toweri (Mexcalpique Cola Azul); Batrachoseps aridus (Desert Slender Salamander); Bufo californicus (Arroyo Southwestern Toad); Bufo exsul (Black Toad); Bufo nelsoni (Amargosa Toad); Campostoma anomalum (Central Stoneroller); Campostoma ornatum (Mexican Stoneroller); Carpiodes carpio (Matalote Carpa); Carpiodes carpio (River Carpsucker); Catostomus (Pantosteus) clarkii (Desert Sucker); Catostomus ardens (Utah Sucker); Catostomus bernardini (Yaqui Sucker); Catostomus clarkii intermedius (White River Desert Sucker); Catostomus clarkii ssp. (Meadow Valley Wash Desert Sucker); Catostomus columbianus (Bridgelip Sucker); Catostomus discobolus (Bluehead Sucker); Catostomus discobolus yarrowi (Zuni Bluehead Sucker); Catostomus fumeiventris (Owens Sucker); Catostomus insignis (Sonora Sucker); Catostomus latipinnis (Flannelmouth Sucker); Catostomus macrocheilus (Largescale Sucker); Catostomus microps (Modoc Sucker (goose)); Catostomus microps (Modoc Sucker); Catostomus nebuliferus (Matalote Del Nazas); Catostomus occidentalis lacuanserinus (Goose Lake Sucker); Catostomus occidentalis lacuanserinus (Sacramento Sucker (pit)); Catostomus occidentalis lacuanserinus (Sacramento Sucker); Catostomus platyrhynchus (Mountain Sucker); Catostomus platyrhynchus lahontan (Lahontan Mountain Sucker); Catostomus plebeius (Rio Grande Sucker); Catostomus santaanae (Santa Ana Sucker); Catostomus sp. (Little Colorado Sucker); Catostomus sp. (Wall Canyon Sucker); Catostomus tahoensis (Tahoe Sucker); Catostomus warnerensis (Warner Sucker); Chasmistes cujus (Cui-ui); Chasmistes liorus (June Sucker); Chrosomus erythrogaster (Southern Redbelly Dace); Clemmys marmorata (Western Pond Turtle); Cottus bairdi (Mottled Sculpin); Cottus bairdii (Mottled Sculpin); Cottus beldingii (Paiute Sculpin); Cottus extensus (Bear Lake Sculpin); Cottus pitensis (Pit Sculpin); Cottus sp. (White River Sculpin); Crenichthys baileyi albivallis (Preston White River Springfish); Crenichthys baileyi baileyi (White River Springfish); Crenichthys baileyi grandis (Hiko White River Springfish); Crenichthys baileyi moapae (Moapa White River Springfish); Crenichthys baileyi thermophilus (Moorman White River Springfish); Crenichthys nevadae (Railroad Valley Springfish); Cualac tessellatus (Cachorrito De Medialuna); Cycleptus elongatus (Blue Sucker, Matalote Azul); Cycleptus sp. (Rio Grande Blue Sucker); Cyprinella formosa (Beautiful Shiner); Cyprinella garmani (Sardinita Mayrán, Carpa Jorobada); Cyprinella lutrensis (Red Shiner, Sardinita O Carpa Roja); Cyprinella lutrensis blairi (Maravillas Red Shiner); Cyprinella proserpina (Proserpine Shiner, Sardinita O Carpa Del Bravo); Cyprinella rutila (Sardinita San Juan, Regiomontana, Carpa Mexicana Roja); Cyprinella xanthicara (Sardinita, Carpa De Cuatrociénegas); Cyprinodon alvarezi (Cachorrito Potosí); Cyprinodon arcuatus (Santa Cruz Pupfish); Cyprinodon atrorus (Cachorrito Del Bolsón); Cyprinodon bifasciatus (Cachorrito Cuatrociénegas); Cyprinodon bobmilleri (Cachorrito San Ignacio); Cyprinodon bovinus (Leon Springs Pupfish); Cyprinodon ceciliae (Cachorrito Cecilia); Cyprinodon diabolis (Devils Hole Pupfish); Cyprinodon elegans (Comanche Springs Pupfish); Cyprinodon eremus (Quitobaquito Pupfish, Rio Sonoyta Pupfish); Cyprinodon eximius (Conchos Pupfish); Cyprinodon inmemoriam (Cachorrito Trinidad); Cyprinodon longidorsalis (Cachorrito Charco Palmas); Cyprinodon macularius (Desert Pupfish); Cyprinodon nazas (Cachorrito De Aguanaval); Cyprinodon nevadensis amargosae (Amargosa Pupfish); Cyprinodon nevadensis calidae (Tecopa Pupfish); Cyprinodon nevadensis mionectes (Ash Meadows Amargosa Pupfish); Cyprinodon nevadensis nevadensis (Saratoga Springs Pupfish); Cyprinodon nevadensis pectoralis (Warm Springs Amargosa Pupfish); Cyprinodon nevadensis shoshone (Shoshone Pupfish); Cyprinodon pecosensis (Pecos Pupfish); Cyprinodon radiosus (Owens Pupfish); Cyprinodon salinus milleri (Cottonball Marsh Pupfish); Cyprinodon salinus salinus (Salt Creek Pupfish); Cyprinodon sp. (Palomas Pupfish); Cyprinodon tularosa (White Sands Pupfish); Cyprinodon veronicae (Cachorrito Verónica); Dionda argentosa (Manantial Roundnose Minnow); Dionda diaboli (Devils River Minnow, Carpa Diabla); Dionda dichroma (Carpa Bicolor); Dionda episcopa (Carpa Del Bravo); Dionda episcopa (Roundnose Minnow); Dionda mandibularis (Carpa Quijarona); Dionda melanops (Dionda couchi) (Carpa Manchada); Dorosoma cepedianum (Gizzard Shad); Empetrichthys latos latos (Pahrump Poolfish); Entosphenus lethophagus (Pit Brook Lamprey); Entosphenus sp? (Goose Lake Lamprey); Eremichthys acros (Desert Dace); Etheostoma grahami (Rio Grande Darter, Perca Del San Juan); Etheostoma lepidum (Greenthroat Darter); Etheostoma lugoi (Perca Cuatro Ciénegas); Etheostoma pottsii (Perca Mexicana); Fundulus lima (Baja California Killifish); Gambusia amistadensis (Amistad Gambusia); Gambusia clarkhubbsi (San Felipe Gambusia); Gambusia gaigei (Big Bend Gambusia); Gambusia heterochir (Clear Creek Gambusia); Gambusia longispinis (Guayacón Cuatrociénegas); Gambusia marshi (Guayacón Manchado); Gambusia nobilis (Pecos Gambusia); Gambusia senilis (Blotched Gambusia); Gambusia speciosa (Guayacón Amarillo O Del Oeste); Gasterosteus aculeatus (Threespine Stickleback); Gasterosteus aculeatus spp. (Shay Creek Unarmored Threespine Stickleback); Gasterosteus aculeatus williamsoni (Unarmored Threespine Stickleback); Gila alvordensis (Alvord Chub); Gila atraria (Utah Chub); Gila bicolor newarkensis (Newark Valley Tui Chub); Gila boraxobius (Borax Lake Chub); Gila conspersa (Carpa Mayrán); Gila copei (Leatherside Chub); Gila cypha (Humpback Chub); Gila ditaenia (Sonora Chub); Gila elegans (Bonytail); Gila intermedia (Gila Chub); Gila modesta (Carpa De Saltillo); Gila nigra (Headwater Chub); Gila nigrescens (Chihuahua Chub); Gila orcuttii (Arroyo Chub); Gila pandora (Rio Grande Chub); Gila purpurea (Yaqui Chub); Gila robusta (Roundtail Chub); Gila robusta jordani (Pahranagat Roundtail Chub); Gila seminuda (Virgin River Chub); Gila seminuda (Virgin River Chub, Muddy River Population); Gobiesox fluviatilis (Mountain Clingfish); Gobiesox juniperoserrai (Baja Freshwater Clingfish); Herichthys (Cichlasoma) bartoni (Mojarra Caracolera); Herichthys (Cichlasoma) labridens (Mojarra Huasteca); Herichthys (Cichlasoma) minckleyi (Mojarra Cuatrociénegas); Herichthys (Cichlasoma) steindachneri (Mojarra Ojo Frío); Hesperoleucus symmetricus mitrulus (Northern Roach); Hyalella muerta (Texas Spring Amphipod); Hyalella sandra (Travertine Springs Amphipod); Hybognathus amarus (Rio Grande Silvery Minnow, Carpa Chamizal); Hybognathus placitus (Plains Minnow); Ictalurus australis (Bagre Del Pánuco, Bagre De Canal); Ictalurus furcatus (Blue Catfish); Ictalurus lupus (Headwater Catfish, Bagre Lobo); Ictalurus mexicanus (Bagre Del Río Verde); Ictalurus pricei (Yaqui Catfish); Ictalurus punctatus (Channel Catfish, Bagre De Canal); Ictalurus sp. (Chihuahua Catfish); Ictiobus bubalus (Boquín O Cuino Blanco); Ictiobus bubalus (Smallmouth Buffalo); Ictiobus niger (Black Buffalo, Matalote Bocagrande O Cuino Prieto); Iotichthys phlegethontis (Least Chub); Ipnobius robustus (Travertine Springs Springsnail); Kinosternon sonoriense sonoriense (Sonoran Mud Turtle); Lampetra tridentata (Pacific Lamprey); Lavinia symmetricus mitrulus (Pit Roach); Lepidomeda albivallis (White River Spinedace); Lepidomeda aliciae (Southern Leatherside Chub); Lepidomeda copei (Northern Leatherside Chub); Lepidomeda mollispinis mollispinis (Virgin River Spinedace); Lepidomeda mollispinis pratensis (Big Spring Spinedace); Lepidomeda vittata (Little Colorado Spinedace); Lepisosteus oculatus (Spotted Gar, Catán Pinto); Lepisosteus osseus (Longnose Gar); Lepomis macrochirus (Bluegill); Lepomis megalotis (Longear Sunfish); Lucania interioris (Sardinita Cuatrociénegas); Macrhybopsis aestivalis (Speckled Chub, Carpa De Lunares); Macrhybopsis tetranema (Peppered Chub); Meda fulgida (Spikedace); Megupsilon aporus (Cachorrito Enano); Microcylloepus formicoideus (Furnace Creek Riffle Beetle); Microcylloepus similis (Western Riffle Beetle); Moapa coriacea (Moapa Dace); Moxostoma austrinum (Mexican Redhorse); Moxostoma congestum (Gray Redhorse, Matalote Blanco); Mugil cephalus (Striped Mullet); Mylopharodon conocephalus (Hardhead); Notropis aguirrepequenoi (Carpa De Pilón); Notropis amabilis (Texas Shiner, Carpa Texana); Notropis braytoni (Tamaulipas Shiner, Carpa Tamaulipas); Notropis chihuahua (Chihuahua Shiner, Carpa Conchos o Chihuahuense); Notropis girardi (Arkansas River Shiner); Notropis jemezanus (Rio Grande Shiner); Notropis orca (Phantom Shiner, Carpa Del Paso); Notropis saladonis (Carpa Del Salado); Notropis simus pecosensis (Pecos Bluntnose Shiner); Notropis simus simus (Rio Grande Bluntnose Shiner); Notropis stramineus (Sand Shiner); Oncorhynchus apache (Apache Trout); Oncorhynchus chrysogaster (Mexican Golden Trout); Oncorhynchus clarkii (Colorado River Cutthroat Trout); Oncorhynchus clarkii alvordensis (Alvord Cutthroat Trout); Oncorhynchus clarkii bouvieri (Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout); Oncorhynchus clarkii henshawi (Lahontan Cutthroat Tout); Oncorhynchus clarkii henshawi (Lahontan Cutthroat Trout); Oncorhynchus clarkii pleuriticus (Colorado Cutthroat Trout); Oncorhynchus clarkii seleniris (Paiute Cutthroat Trout); Oncorhynchus clarkii utah (Bonneville Cutthroat Trout); Oncorhynchus clarkii virginalis (Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout); Oncorhynchus gilae (Gila Trout); Oncorhynchus mykiss (Rainbow Trout); Oncorhynchus mykiss gairdneri (Columbia Basin Redband Trout); Oncorhynchus mykiss nelsoni (San Pedro Mártir Trout); Oncorhynchus mykiss ssp. (Abert/chewaucan Redband Trout); Oncorhynchus mykiss ssp. (Catlow Redband Trout); Oncorhynchus mykiss ssp. (Fort Rock Redband Trout); Oncorhynchus mykiss ssp. (Goose Lake Redband Trout); Oncorhynchus mykiss ssp. (Great Basin Redband Trout); Oncorhynchus mykiss ssp. (Pit River Redband Trout); Oncorhynchus mykiss ssp. (Summer Lake Redband Trout); Oncorhynchus mykiss ssp. (Warner Redband Trout); Oncorhynchus mykiss ssp. “Conchos” (Conchos Trout, Trucha del Río Conchos); Pelocoris biimpressus biimpressus (Amargosa Naucorid Bug); Pelocoris biimpressus shoshone (Shoshone Naucorid Bug); Percina macrolepida (Bigscale Logperch, Dardo Escamudo); Phenacobius mirabilis (Suckermouth Minnow); Phoxinus erythrogaster (Southern Redbelly Dace); Plagopterus argentissimus (Woundfin); Platygobio gracilis (Flathead Chub); Poecilia latipunctata (Topote Del Tamesí); Poeciliopsis occidentalis (Gila Topminnow); Poeciliopsis sonoriensis (Yaqui Topminnow); Polyphylla erratica (Death Valley June Beetle); Prietella lundbergi (Bagre Ciego Duende); Prietella phreatophila (Bagre Ciego De Múzquiz); Pristis pectinata (Pez Sierra De Estero); Pristis pristis (Pez Sierra Peine); Prosopium abyssicola (Bear Lake Whitefish); Prosopium gemmifer (Bonneville Cisco); Prosopium spilonotus (Bonneville Whitefish); Prosopium williamsoni (Mountain Whitefish); Ptychocheilus grandis (Sacramento Pikeminnow); Ptychocheilus lucius (Colorado Pikeminnow (Colorado Squawfish)); Ptychocheilus oregonensis (Northern Pikeminnow); Pylodictis olivaris (Flathead Catfish); Pyrgulopsis aardahli (Aardahl’s Springsnail); Pyrgulopsis amargosae (Amargosa Springsnail); Pyrgulopsis micrococcus (Oasis Valley Springsnail); Pyrgulopsis owensensis (Owens Valley Springsnail); Pyrgulopsis perturbata (Fish Slough Springsnail); Pyrgulopsis pisteri (Pister’s Springsnail); Pyrgulopsis wongi (Wong’s Springsnail); Rana luteiventris (Columbia Spotted Frog); Relictus solitarius (Relict Dace); Rhinichthys (Tiaroga) cobitis (Loach Minnow); Rhinichthys cataractae (Longnose Dace); Rhinichthys osculus (Alvord Basin Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus (Catlow Basin Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus (Chewaucan Basin Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus (Foskett Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus (Ft. Rock Basin Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus (Goose Basin Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus (Malheur Lakes Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus (Pit River Basin Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus (Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus (Surprise Basin Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus (Warner Basin Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus lariversi (Big Smoky Valley Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus lethoporus (Independence Valley Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus nevadensis (Ash Meadows Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus oligoporus (Clover Valley Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus ssp. (Amargosa Canyon Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus ssp. (Diamond Valley Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus ssp. (Foskett Springs Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus ssp. (Long Valley Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus ssp. (Meadow Valley Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus ssp. (Monitor Valley Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus ssp. (Oasis Valley Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus ssp. (Owens Valley Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus ssp. (Santa Ana Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus ssp. (White River Speckled Dace); Rhinichthys osculus velifer (Pahranagat Speckled Dace); Richardsonius balteatus (Redside Shiner); Salvelinus confluentus (Bull Trout (Jarbidge River Basin Pop)); Scaphirhynchus platorynchus (Shovelnose Sturgeon); Semotilus atromaculatus (Creek Chub); Siphateles alvordensis (Alvord Chub); Siphateles bicolor (Malheur Lakes Tui Chub); Siphateles bicolor (Tui Chub); Siphateles bicolor euchila (Fish Creek Springs Tui Chub); Siphateles bicolor isolata (Independence Valley Tui Chub); Siphateles bicolor mohavensis (Mohave Tui Chub); Siphateles bicolor obesa (Lahontan Creek Tui Chub); Siphateles bicolor pectinifer (Lahontan Lake Tui Chub); Siphateles bicolor snyderi (Owens Tui Chub); Siphateles bicolor ssp. (Big Smoky Valley Tui Chub); Siphateles bicolor ssp. (Charnock Springs Tui Chub); Siphateles bicolor ssp. (Dixie Valley Tui Chub); Siphateles bicolor ssp. (Duckwater Creek Tui Chub); Siphateles bicolor ssp. (Fish Lake Valley Tui Chub); Siphateles bicolor ssp. (High Rock Springs Tui Chub); Siphateles bicolor ssp. (Hot Creek Valley Tui Chub); Siphateles bicolor ssp. (Hutton Springs Tui Chub); Siphateles bicolor ssp. (Little Fish Lake Valley Tui Chub); Siphateles bicolor ssp. (Railroad Valley Tui Chub); Siphateles bicolor thalassinus (Goose Lake Tui Chub); Siphateles bicolor thalassinus (Warner Tui Chub); Siphateles bicolor vacaceps (Cowhead Tui Chub); Siphateles eurystomus (Sheldon Tui Chub); Siphateles obesus oregonensis (Oregon Lakes Tui Chub); Siphateles obesus ssp. (Hutton Tui Chub); Siphateles obesus ssp. (Summer Basin Tui Chub); Siphateles obesus ssp.? (Silver Lake Tui Chub); Siphateles sp? (Surprise Basin Tui Chub); Stypodon signifer (Carpa De Parras); Tryonia marga (Grapevine Springs Elongate Tryonia Snail); Tryonia protea (Desert Tryonia); Tryonia rowlandsi (Grapevine Springs Squat Tryonia Snail); Tryonia salina (Cottonball Marsh Tryonia Snail); Tryonia variegata (Amargosa Tryonia); Xenoophorus captivus (Mexcalpique Viejo); Xiphophorus couchianus (Espada De Monterrey); Xiphophorus gordoni (Espada Cuatrociénegas); Xiphophorus meyeri (Espada De Múzquiz); Xyrauchen texanus (Razorback Sucker)

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