Mediators’ strategies for a successful mediation : a literature review of conflict mediation




Li, Jing, M.A.

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In a conflict mediation, a mediator works as a third party to help disputants negotiate their problems and facilitate them to reach a consensus. The goal of a conflict mediations is more than solving problems. From a mediator’s point of view, the key issue in a conflict mediation is to produce results that can benefit each party in the conflict. Previous research examined mediators’ practice in conflict mediations theoretically and empirically. However, there is a lack of specific exploration on mediation strategies that mediators can apply in practice for a successful mediation. The aim of this report is to find feasible strategies that can be used by mediators through reviewing past literature on conflict mediation and rethinking a three-month mediation training the author experienced. Findings indicate that strategies such as creating a comfortable environment, active listening, being aware of disputants’ nonverbal behaviors, and showing empathy are useful and can lead to successful mediation. In addition, in conflict mediations, mediators should be selective to these strategies depending on context. The mediators’ strategies that are summarized in this report are general and possible for a successful mediation; in other words, if mediator use these strategies it will lead to more satisfied parties, so that they can ensure a smoother mediation rather than guarantee an outcome


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