Bathymetric and hydrographic survey of the coastal waters of the Dominican Republic : final report




Amos, Anthony F.

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This is the final report on a hydrographic and bathymetric survey of the coastal waters of the Dominican Republic. The bulk of the work is devoted to the bathymetry with respect to the suitability of coastal sites for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) sites or for similar projects that require the proximity of deep, cold water to shore. The report consists of a general introduction to the physiographic structure of the island of Hispaniola, specifically the Dominican Republic, and the surrounding sub-sea topography. This is followed by a detailed report on the bathymetric survey conducted on existing charts and a series of new bathymetric charts of areas of suitability for OTEC sites. Then follows a section on general hydrography of the Caribbean with reference to the Dominican Republic and OTEC compatibility, conclusions, including recommended sites, a bibliography and an Appendix on computer techniques used in the preparation of this report.
To Instituto Dominicano de Tecnología Industrial (INDOTEC)
Volume 1 issued 1979
24 June 1979