Maars, tuff rings and tuff cones




Barker, Daniel S.

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Volcanology, Volcanic rocks, Igneous rocks, Field geology, Field photography, Fort Rock tuff ring, Oregon, Maars, tuff rings, tuff cones, monogenetic explosions, scoria cones, phreatic explosions, phreatomagmatic explosions, steam, magma, shallow aquifer, surface water, overburden, dissolved gases, ejecta, volcanic landforms, Airfall deposits, pyroclastic surge deposits, pyroclastic flow deposits, lava flows, quenching, diatremes, shallow explosion craters, Lakes, Groundwater table, ponds, Germany, Ulmen, Germany, Weinfelder Maar, Daun, West Eifel district, Germany, Schalkebrener Maar, Uganda, equator, Lake Averno , Campi Flegrei caldera, Italy, Augustus, Canal, Harbor, toxic gases, Virgil, Dante, Underworld, Hole-in-the-Ground Maar, Oregon, lunar craters, Apollo astronauts, spacesuits, Kilbourne Hole maar, El Paso, Texas, basalt lava, steam explosions, rim deposits, Surge deposits, sedimentary rocks, Mantle xenoliths, Tuff rings, Diamond Head, Honolulu, Hawaii, wind direction, eruption, Punchbowl, Honolulu, Hawaii, Fort Rock, Oregon, lake basin, Wave erosion, lapilli tuff, rock shelters, Mazama Ash, Crater Lake caldera, artifacts, dipping beds, vent, Cerro Colorado tuff ring, Pinacate volcanic field, Sonora, Mexico, fallout, Normal faults, downward displacement, Crater Hill tuff ring, Auckland, New Zealand, Laki fissure, Iceland, Hverdal tuff ring, Iceland, Rapa Nui (Easter Island), magma supply, Koko Crater tuff cone, Oahu, Hawaii, Tule Lake California, Katia and Maurice Krafft, Fort Portal, Uganda, coastlines, buried river valleys

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