Chilean Business: Sources of Information

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Schroer, Craig

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Benson Latin American Collection


Capitalizing upon its image as an economically and politically stable country with a variety of promising markets, Chile is energetically campaigning to expand its business presence internationally. Much of the governmental effort has been directed toward petitioning for inclusion in trading blocs such as NAFTA and MERCOSUR, while Chilean business entourages have toured the U.S. on a city-by-city basis seeking to stimulate interest in U.S.-Chilean business collaborations. Both this eagerness to participate in the global economy and Chile's relative stability in the aftermath of the Mexican peso devaluation of December 1994 have further improved perceptions abroad. This bibliography is intended to provide a broad sampling of recent materials pertaining to business in Chile. The majority of materials cited herein are located in the Benson Latin American Collection stacks with a few exceptions as noted.



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