Beam Deletion in Square Honeycombs for Improved Energy Absorption Under Quasi-Static In-Plane Compression




Ramirez-Chavez, Irving E.
Lee, Christine
Bhate, Dhruv

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When selecting cellular materials for energy absorption applications, there have traditionally been two choices: a periodic structure such as a honeycomb, or a stochastic one, as seen in foams. Both choices involve a global definition governing the allocation of the members of the structure, be they beams or surfaces. With Additive Manufacturing, the exploration of more complex structures enables the creation of aperiodicity through the local modification of periodic structures. This paper explores one application of this approach by deleting beams in square honeycombs, with the aim of avoiding localization of failure that generates significant undulations in the stress plateau under in-plane quasi-static compression. These perturbed structures show improved energy absorption behavior by generating higher Specific Energy Absorption for a given transmitted stress and relative density than their periodic counterparts. This work thus argues for further exploration of localized aperiodicity as an approach to finely tune energy absorption performance.


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