Following African American Male 8th Graders through College: A Digest of Longitudinal Enrollment and Graduation Patterns in Texas

Sáenz, Victor B
Burmicky, Jorge
Ryu, Wonsun
Jones, Veronica
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Project MALES Research Institute

This Project MALES Research Digest explores the longitudinal enrollment and degree/certificate completion patterns of African American men in Texas. Our data originate from the 8th Grade Cohort Longitudinal Study collected by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating (THECB). We tracked students' enrollment and completion trends by Educational Service Center (ESC) and by county. We examine differences and changes by gender, race, and region as it pertains to percentages of: (1) 2-year enrollment; (2) 4-year enrollment; (3) overall postsecondary enrollment; (4) no record of public high school graduation; and 5) postsecondary degree or certificate completion. We make statewide data more accessible for policymakers and practitioners to develop better educational policies for African American men in the state.

Sáenz, V. B., Burmicky, J, Ryu, W. & Jones, V. (2018). Following African American Male 8th Graders through college: A digest of longitudinal enrollment and graduation patterns in Texas. Project MALES Research Digest, Issue No.2: