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    A Decade of Disparities Examining National Educational Outcomes for Male Racial Subgroups
    (Project MALES Research Institute, 2021-03-12) Ponjuán, Luis; Lester, Marquis Alexander; Hernández, Susana H
    The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges to the American educational system. Unfortunately, marginalized communities, especially male students of color, have been adversely affected by this pandemic. This report provides current national level educational data, disaggregated by race and gender, that provides critical insights about the plight of male students of color over a decade from 2010 to 2020. This research digest highlights the disparities in educational outcomes over a decade for male students of color. We identified several key findings to illustrate how male students of color overcome barriers throughout their educational pathways. This research digest highlights the power of disaggregated educational data because it provides a nuanced look at educational attainment rates for male racial subgroups. We also assert that exploring this issue should not be explained using a deficit-based narrative that suggests these disparities of educational outcomes are solely based on individualbased characteristics (e.g. lack of motivation). This research digest concludes with our recommendations for ten action steps over the next decade that compels school districts, community colleges, bachelor’s degree granting institutions, communities, and educational policy leaders to address this national challenge during the pandemic and beyond.
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    Following African American Male 8th Graders through College: A Digest of Longitudinal Enrollment and Graduation Patterns in Texas
    (Project MALES Research Institute, 2018-05-01) Sáenz, Victor B; Burmicky, Jorge; Ryu, Wonsun; Jones, Veronica
    This Project MALES Research Digest explores the longitudinal enrollment and degree/certificate completion patterns of African American men in Texas. Our data originate from the 8th Grade Cohort Longitudinal Study collected by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating (THECB). We tracked students' enrollment and completion trends by Educational Service Center (ESC) and by county. We examine differences and changes by gender, race, and region as it pertains to percentages of: (1) 2-year enrollment; (2) 4-year enrollment; (3) overall postsecondary enrollment; (4) no record of public high school graduation; and 5) postsecondary degree or certificate completion. We make statewide data more accessible for policymakers and practitioners to develop better educational policies for African American men in the state.
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    Following Hispanic Male 8th Graders through College: A Digest of Longitudinal Enrollment and Graduation Patterns in Texas
    (2018-05-18) Sáenz, Victor B; Ryu, Wonsun; Burmicky, Jorge
    This research digest examines postsecondary enrollment and completion trends of Hispanic males across Texas 8th grade cohorts. The data is obtained from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) 8th Grade Cohort longitudinal survey starting in the fiscal years of 1998 through 2006 and are followed to the postsecondary level. Three key findings are made, the first being that the Hispanic males degree/certificate completion percentage is far behind when compared to the statewide male student population. The second is that despite the first key finding, the percentage of Hispanic male students completing a degree is gradually rising and the lastly certain regions reflect varying enrollment patterns for Hispanic male students throughout the state.