Integration of Building Systems




Rush, Richard D.

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Architectural projects and/or sites mentioned: Pyramid of Cheops (2600 B.C.E. - 2500 B.C.E.) (Giza, Egypt) ; Cathedrale de Chartres (1194-1225) (Chartres, France) ; Louvre (Claude Perrault, 1546) (Paris, France) ; Trinity Church (Henry Hobson Richardson, 1872-1876) (Boston, Massachusetts) ; Sagrada Familia (Antoni Gaudí, 1883-1926) (Barcelona, Spain) ; Union Station (Daniel Hudson Burnham, 1903-1908) (Washington, D.C.) ; Park La Brea (Leonard Schultz and Associates and Earl T. Heitzschmidt, 1944) (Los Angeles, California) ; John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center (Charles Luckman Associates and Hoyle, Doran and Berry and Kallmann, McKinnell & Wood, 1959-1989) (Boston, Massachusetts) ; Spanish Pavilion (Javier Carvajal, 1964) (New York, New York) ; Federal Building (Welton David Becket, 1964) (Los Angeles, California) ; Los Angeles County Museum of Art (William L. Pereira, 1964-1966) (Los Angeles, California) ; John Hancock Center (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, 1964-1969) (Chicago, Illinois) ; Kimbell Art Museum (Louis I. Kahn, 1966-1972) (Fort Worth, Texas) ; John Hancock Tower (Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, 1969-1976) (Boston, Massachusetts) ; Silverdome (O'dell, Hewlett and Luckenbach, 1973) (Pontiac, Michigan) ; Centre Georges-Pompidou (Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, 1975-1979) (Paris, France) ; Illinois Regional Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (Stanley Tigerman, 1977) (Chicago, Illinois) ; State of Illinois Center (Helmut Jahn, 1979-1984) (Chicago, Illinois) ; Stephen O'Connell Activities Center (Caudill, Rowlett, Scott, 1980) (Gainesville, Florida) ; Addition to Submarine Training Facility (Hartford Design Group, 1980) (Groton, Connecticut) ; William B. Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport (Stevens and Wilkinson, 1980) (Atlanta, Georgia) ; Herman Miller Seating Manufacturing Plant (Caudill, Rowlett, Scott, 1980) (Holland, Michigan) ; George R. Moscone Convention Center (Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum, 1981) (San Francisco, California) ; Glass Pyramid (I. M. Pei, 1981-1989) (Paris, France) ; Army & Navy Club Building (Hornblower & Marshall and Shalom Baranes Associates, 1986) (Washington, D.C.) ; 500 Boylston Street (Philip Johnson and John Burgee, 1987) (Boston, Massachusetts)

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