Conservative Deterministic Spectral Boltzmann Solver Near The Grazing Collisions Limit




Haack, J. R.
Gamba, I. M.

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We present new results building on the conservative deterministic spectral method for the space homogeneous Boltzmann equation developed by Gamba and Tharkabhushaman. This approach is a two-step process that acts on the weak form of the Boltzmann equation, and uses the machinery of the Fourier transform to reformulate the collisional integral into a weighted convolution in Fourier space. A constrained optimization problem is solved to preserve the mass, momentum, and energy of the resulting distribution. Within this framework we have extended the formulation to the case of more general case of collision operators with anisotropic scattering mechanisms, which requires a new formulation of the convolution weights. We also derive the grazing collisions limit for the method, and show that it is consistent with the Fokker-Planck-Landau equations as the grazing collisions parameter goes to zero.



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Jeffrey R. Haack , Irene M. Gamba. AIP Conference Proceedings 1501, 326 (Jul., 2012); doi: 10.1063/1.4769535