Molecular Line Observations Of The Small Protostellar Group L1251B

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Lee, Jeong-Eun
Di Francesco, James
Bourke, Tyler L.
Evans, Neal J.
Wu, Jingwen

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We present molecular line observations of L1251B, a small group of pre- and protostellar objects, and its immediate environment in the dense (CO)-O-18 core L1251E. These data are complementary to near-infrared, submillimeter, and millimeter continuum observations reported by Lee et al. The single-dish data of L1251B described here show very complex kinematics, including infall, rotation, and outflow motions, and the interferometer data reveal these in greater detail. Interferometer data of N2H+ 1-0 suggest a very rapidly rotating flattened envelope between two young stellar objects, IRS1 and IRS2. In addition, interferometer data of CO 2-1 resolve the outflow associated with L1251B seen in single-dish maps into a few narrow and compact components. Furthermore, the high-resolution data support recent theoretical studies of molecular depletions and enhancements that accompany the formation of protostars within dense cores. Beyond L1251B, single-dish data are also presented of a dense core located similar to 150 '' to the east that Lee et al. detected at 850 mu m, but that has no associated point sources at near- and mid-infrared wavelengths. The relative brightness between molecules, which have different chemical timescales, suggests that it is less chemically evolved than L1251B. This core may be a site for future star formation, however, since line profiles of HCO+, CS, and HCN show asymmetry with a stronger blue peak, which is interpreted as an infall signature.



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Lee, Jeong-Eun, James Di Francesco, Tyler L. Bourke, Neal J. Evans II, and Jingwen Wu. "Molecular Line Observations of the Small Protostellar Group L1251B." The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 671, No. 2 (Dec., 2007): 1748.