M31N-2007-06B: A Nova in the M31 Globular Cluster Bol 111

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Shafter, A. W.
Quimby, R. M.

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We report spectroscopic observations of the nova M31N-2007-06b, which was found to be spatially coincident with the M31 globular cluster Bol 111. This nova is the first out of more than 700 discovered in M31 over the past century to be associated with one of the galaxy's globular clusters. A total of three spectra of the nova were obtained 3, 6, and 36 days after discovery. The data reveal broad (FWHM similar to 3000 km s(-1)) Balmer, N II, and N III emission lines and show that the nova belongs to the He/N spectroscopic class. The He/N class of novae are relatively rare, making up roughly 15% of the novae with measured spectra in M31 and roughly 20% - 25% of the Galactic novae for which spectroscopic data are available. The implications of a nova, particularly an He/N nova, occurring in a globular cluster are discussed.



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Shafter, A. W., and R. M. Quimby. "M31N-2007-06b: A Nova in the M31 Globular Cluster Bol 111." The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol. 671, No. 2 (Dec., 2007): L121.