A New Finite Element Solver using Numerical Eigen Modes for Fast Simulation of Additive Manufacturing Processes

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Patil, Nachiket
Pal, Deepankar
Stucker, Brent

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University of Texas at Austin


A new efficient numerical technique has been formulated for dimensional reduction and phenomenological multi-scale simulation of additive manufacturing processes using finite element analysis. This technique is demonstrated using prismatic build volumes to represent the Selective Laser Melting powder bed fusion additive manufacturing process. The Eigen modes determined as an outcome of implementation of this technique will help to reduce the time necessary for optimization of process parameters and closed loop control. In addition to thermal simulations of the Selective Laser Melting process, this technique is also applicable to the simulation of lattice structures, layered materials such as ultrasonically consolidated laminates, thin walled coatings and development of high fidelity beam and plate theories for parts made using additive manufacturing processes. A future integration of this method with analytical Eigen wavelets will provide infinite support compared to finite support provided by directional polynomial shape functions currently used for implementation of finite element strategies. The present Eigen modes will be also useful in analysis and optimization of mask projection based additive manufacturing processes.


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