A Guide to Understanding Mental Health Systems and Services in Texas




Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health


The purpose of this report is to provide a general overview of the behavioral health care delivery system and the services provided under various state agencies that are funded in full or in part with state appropriations. To ensure this document is a useful reference tool, it does not provide significant detail on the various programs but instead focuses on the general infrastructure, funding and services provided. The report is designed to provide the reader with a basic understanding of how behavioral health services are provided, the population that is served, and the challenges of meeting the growing and often unmet needs of Texans with mental health or substance use conditions. For policymakers who struggle with many complex matters and decisions, we hope this report will be a useful guide, providing practical and accurate information on mental health services in Texas.


Table of Contents: Overview (p. 1) -- Section 1. Introduction (p. 3) -- Section 2. National Context (p. 5) -- Section 3. The Texas Environment (p. 11) -- Section 4. Public Behavioral Health Services in Texas (p. 17) -- Section 5. Medicare and Private Insurance (p. 117) -- Section 6. Best Practices and Policy Priorities (p. 125) -- Section 7. Mental Health Workforce Shortages (p. 135) -- Appendix 1. List of Figures (p. 145) -- Appendix 2. Additional Resources (p. 149) -- Appendix 3. Glossary (p. 153) -- Endnotes (p. 159)

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health (November, 2012). A guide to understanding mental health systems and services in Texas.