Emotional Labor in the Service Industry




Serafini, Julie

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Individuals who carry out shift work are the life-blood of our cities and towns, and their well-being affects not only the bottom line of the organizations where they are employed, but all of us. Shift workers are a huge category of individuals that support our daily lives. They work at the tiny dive bars and food carts we love, at massive restaurant chains, and in Michelin-starred restaurants. Regulating emotions while providing genuine human interactions can take its toll on employees, and that affects the organization at every level, including employee longevity, customer experience, and fulfillment of the mission of the organization. Shift workers in the service industry are not the only portion of the workforce carries out emotional labor. However, the hospitality industry presents unique challenges that cause the effects of emotional labor to be experienced differently than in other industries. By listening to employees’ stories it is possible to better understand how they deal with the challenges of the service industry in tandem with emotional labor.


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