Bruce Goff Guest Lecture

Goff, Bruce
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Architectural projects and/or sites mentioned: Page Furniture Depository and Warehouse (Bruce Goff, 1928) (Tulsa, Oklahoma) ; Boston Avenue United Methodist Church (Bruce Goff, 1929) (Tulsa, Oklahoma) ; Triaero Vacation House (Bruce Goff, 1940) (Fern Creek, Kentucky) ; Camp Parks Chapel (Bruce Goff, 1944) (Dublin, California) ; Ruth VanSickle Ford House (Bruce Goff, 1948) (Aurora, Illinois) ; Hopewell Baptist Church (Bruce Goff, 1948-1949) (Edmond, Oklahoma) ; Crystal Chapel, University of Oklahoma (unbuilt) (Bruce Goff, 1949) (Norman, Oklahoma) ; Wilson House (Bruce Goff, 1950-1951) (Pensacola, Florida) ; Bavinger House (Bruce Goff, 1950-1951) (Norman, Oklahoma) ; Frank House (Bruce Goff, 1955-1956) (Sapula, Oklahoma) ; Durst House (Bruce Goff, 1958) (Houston, Texas) ; Gelbman House (Bruce Goff, 1959-1960) (Jacksonville, Florida) ; Playtower for Sooner Park (Bruce Goff, 1963) (Bartlesville, Oklahoma) ; Hyde House (Bruce Goff, 1965) (Prairie Village, Minnesota) ; Nicol House (Bruce Goff, 1965) (Kansas City, Kansas) ; Crested Butte Ski Lodge (Bruce Goff, 1965-1966) (Crested Butte, Coloradao) ; Duncan House (Bruce Goff, 1965-1966) (Cobden, Illinois) ; Gryder House (Bruce Goff, 1966) (Ocean Springs, Mississippi) ; Harder House (Bruce Goff, 1970-1971) (Mountain Lake, Minnesota) ; Harder (Jacob and Anna) House (Bruce Goff, 1970-1972) (Mountain Lake, Minnesota) ; Lake Village (Bruce Goff, 1970-1973) (Lake Palestine, Texas) ; Barby House (Bruce Goff, 1974) (Tuscon, Arizona)
University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture archives, Alexander Architectural Archives, University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin