S IV In The NGC 5253 Supernebula: Ionized Gas Kinematics At High Resolution

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Beck, Sara C.
Lacy, John H.
Turner, Jean L.
Kruger, Andrew
Richter, Matt
Crosthwaite, Lucian P.

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The nearby dwarf starburst galaxy NGC 5253 hosts a deeply embedded radio-infrared supernebula excited by thousands of O stars. We have observed this source in the 10.5 mu m line of S+3 at 3.8 km s(-1) spectral and 1 ''.4 spatial resolution, using the high-resolution spectrometer TEXES on the IRTF. The line profile cannot be fit well by a single Gaussian. The best simple fit describes the gas with two Gaussians, one near the galactic velocity with FWHM 33.6 km s(-1) and another of similar strength and FWHM 94 km s(-1) centered similar to 20 km s(-1) to the blue. This suggests a model for the supernebula in which gas flows toward us out of the molecular cloud, as in a "blister" or "champagne flow" or in the H II regions modelled by Zhu.



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Beck, Sara C., John H. Lacy, Jean L. Turner, Andrew Kruger, Matt Richter, and Lucian P. Crosthwaite. "[S IV] in the NGC 5253 Supernebula: Ionized Gas Kinematics at High Resolution." The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 755, No. 1 (Aug., 2012): 59.