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Not Even Past is a digital magazine that serves as a robust platform for Public History with a global reach. It was founded in 2010 and developed by academics in the Department of History at the University of Texas at Austin. It is read by around half a million users each year. The site has three main goals. Not Even Past aims, first, to bring great History writing to the public. The faculty and graduate students in the Department of History are committed to making our research freely accessible to anyone interested in History and Not Even Past provides a key vehicle for this. Second, the site serves as a reliable and frequently updated resource for History online. We publish extended research features, book and film reviews, teaching and course profiles, and stories that shed light on intriguing corners of the past. Although much of our content comes from scholars associated with the University of Texas at Austin, we also publish the work of academics and students from different institutions across the world. Third, Not Even Past provides a way for past graduates and supporters of the History program to stay in contact with the department and the full range of its activities. The title of the magazine reflects our professional and ethical commitment to bringing the work of professional historians into a public conversation that illuminates the importance of the past in shaping our actions, values, and beliefs in the present. In short, we believe that the past is never dead, it’s not even past.

Based on changes made to the Not Even Past blog website in August of 2023, some changes have been made to some collections on TSW. Items normally added to the “Blog,” and “Texas” collections will now be added to the “Features” collection as of August 2023. The items in the “Books,” and “Digital & Film” collections will now be in a new “Reviews” collection as of August 2023. The “IHS & Public History” collection will be renamed “Watch & Listen.” The “Teaching” collection will remain the same.


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