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  • Population growth is an important issue in India. But it is not just population growth, it is also the unbalanced gender ratio in population growth that is of primary concern. This happens because of the traditional cultural notions where a male child is preferred over a female child. As a result, if a family has to choose between a male child and a female child the tossed coin always falls in favor of the male child. The female child can be aborted in the fetus, or allowed to perish by what is euphemistically termed as benign neglect. We have a set of video clips which throws some light on this issue.
  • Similar to nutrition, South Asian notions of hygiene are very much culturally determined. Given the geographical diversity in India in particular, ideas about proper hygiene, and how to maintain it, differ considerably. In this section we show some regional notions of what hygiene entails.
  • Proper nutrition is a major issue all over South Asia. Here, understanding of nutrition is guided by cultural notions of substances and food products which are good for the body or not. In this section we show some of the particularities of such cultural notions.