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The Hoccleve Archive is a collection of resources meant to advance the study of this fifteenth-century London-based poet and his works. A developing digital humanities project, the Archive will soon host teaching editions of all of Hoccleve’s known poems, and is working to develop the digital tools necessary for our eventual goal of creating a complete critical edition of the Regiment of Princes. To facilitate this goal, the Hoccleve Archive also hosts a large number of resources useful for Hocclevean scholarship, including digital images of manuscript collation data sheets compiled during the last attempt to produce a complete critical edition of the Regiment of Princes (see here for more info and these demos: old site and new site), lexical data files that were used in the first computer-aided analysis of Hoccleve’s holograph works, data from new textual analyses of Hoccleve’s works, images of Hoccleve’s manuscript texts, and a catalog of the physical materials (both hard-copy and microform) formerly in the collection of Charles Blyth that support this digital archive. The Archive also serves as a repository for digital humanities and pedagogical projects relating to Hoccleve’s poetry. Currently this repository hosts Karen Smyth’s “Concordance of Time Referents” and the early work for our proposed searchable Hoccleve Lexicon.


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