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    Ya Basta: Chicanas/os in the Texas Labor Movement
    (2023-07-26) De Jong, Rosa
    This exhibit explores Chicano/a labor organizing in the 1960s and 1970s in Texas through documentation the Benson Latin American Collection preserves.
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    Communicating U.S. Latine Activism
    (2023-05-12) Wintermeier, Trent
    This exhibition examines how U.S. Latine activists employ three communication techniques–sound bites, hooking, and flagging–throughout multiple media to connect civil, labor, and LGBTQ+ movements from 1965 to 2003.
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    A Hemisphere of Knowledge: A Benson Centennial Exhibition
    (2021-04-02) Arbino, Daniel
    To mark the Benson’s centennial, this exhibition looks at knowledge production from different communities in the Americas. Special attention is paid to community stories, craftwork, harvest and subsistence, medicine, and flora and fauna.
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    Santa Anna in Life and Legend
    (2020-12-04) Garcia Hutchins, Vanessa
    The Benson Latin American Collection holds the handwritten memoirs of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. It also holds various other primary sources that add voices to Santa Anna’s questionable account of Mexico’s history. "Santa Anna in Life and Legend" presents a curated digital collection of such items. The exhibit includes a narrative that highlights a few of these collection items, in the context of four themes that recur in scholarship on Santa Anna. It also poses questions that invite viewers to contemplate his legacy, using the highlighted primary sources as a springboard for analysis. Through an interactive map component, viewers can browse all collection items in a temporal-geospatial context. The map presents each item at a relevant location and in connection to periods of Santa Anna's life.
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    Celebrating Eric Williams
    (2021-04-02) Williams-Connell, Erica; Winston, Rachel E.
    A scholar and statesman, the Honorable Dr. Eric Eustace Williams (1911-1981) led Trinidad and Tobago for over a quarter of a century. He oversaw the country’s independence from Britain in 1962 and 1976 transition to a Republic. Williams served as Prime Minister until his death in 1981.
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    Bureaucracy on the Ground in Colonial Mexico: A Window into the Visita of 1765
    (2020-08-03) Erwin, Brittany
    This exhibition explores the localized consequences of the royal inspection, or visita general, administered by José de Gálvez in New Spain from 1765-1771. In an empire as vast and diverse as Spain’s, visitas were valuable tools. On the one hand, they helped reinforce the authority of the king through detailed investigations of community life. At the same time, they demonstrated the king’s vested interest in local justice and the common good. The procedure that the Inspector, or Visitador, followed was lengthy and complex. During his tenure, he investigated the functioning of political, economic, social, and even ecclesiastical institutions. Upon the completion of the visita, it was the responsibility of Gálvez to turn his notes, correspondence, and recommendations into a comprehensible summary report for the king. This exhibition provides an introduction to that process through an analysis of more than 30 documents from the Genaro Garcia Collection.
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    Fidel Castro’s Building Inauguration Speeches
    (2020-06-02) Roig, Karla
    This exhibition explores the themes of revolution, national autonomy, and anti-capitalism in a set of inauguration speeches Fidel Castro delivered. The selected texts highlight how the rhetoric of the Cuban Revolution shaped the built environment of the island and how these advances complicated the polarized representations of Castro’s government.
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    Peru in the 1920s
    (2020-05-11) Peattie, Elizabeth
    The early twentieth century brought political, economic, and social changes to Peru. After the devastating losses experienced from the War of the Pacific in the late 1800s, the need to reconstruct and reform Peruvian society lent itself to the economic opportunities modernization presented. This exhibition of postcards from the 1920s show how the past and present converged in Peru at this critical juncture.
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    Remembering Ernesto Cardenal: Selections from His Archive
    (2020-05-01) Joy, Dylan
    On March 1, 2020, prominent Nicaraguan poet Ernesto Cardenal passed away, leaving an indelible legacy behind. He was a multi-faceted man: He was a poet, priest, revolutionary, liberation theologist, sculptor, and activist. This exhibition seeks to trace and reflect on key moments in his life.
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    You Are What You (Do Not) Eat: Decolonial Resistance in U.S. Latinx Zines
    (2020-04-02) Arbino, Daniel
    This exhibition aims to underscore resistance to colonial legacies by examining Latinx zines that interrogate food and its impact in shaping cultural identity. Zinesters draw on memoirs and artwork to promote plant-based diets and condemn colonial impositions regarding food, “healthy” bodies, and medicine. As an offshoot of food, the exhibit also highlights zines that discuss traditional healing, speciesism, and body positivity.