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photographer: Jonathan Leatherwood

The Sharir/Sharir+Bustamante Dance Collection is part of a gift archive from dance professor Yacov Sharir. The collection includes videos of and documents relating to performances, rehearsals, workshops, and other events spanning four decades of Dr. Sharir’s career, beginning with his 1977 founding of the American Deaf Dance Company. Further materials document his tenure with the Sharir Dance Company, UT’s professional company-in-residence, which he founded in 1982. The company took the name Sharir+Bustamante Danceworks in 1998, acknowledging José Luis Bustamante as co-artistic director. The collection features the choreography of Sharir and Bustamante through the 2007 final season of S+BDW and beyond, along with the work of many guest artists and collaborators. Sharir pioneered digital intervention for the purpose of augmenting all aspects of performance, while Bustamante explored new site-specific interests. They both continue producing, presenting, promoting, and educating the public about new dance, art, and music.

The gift archive includes all digitized videos and documents; set, costume, and virtual reality equipment; and undigitized videos and documents. This compiled collection represents materials donated by both Dr. Yacov Sharir and José Luis Bustamante.

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Collection highlights:

  • American Deaf Dance Company with guest artists Dee McCandless, Gene Menger, and Michael Uthoff dancing "Continuation in Silence," "Ode to Jose," "Quadruped" and "From Right to Left," April 7, 1979.
  • Triptych, choreographed by Jose Luis Bustamante for Sharir Dance Company, March 22, 1990.
  • Uomo Nella Luna, choreographed by Yacov Sharir, and Tlon, choreographed by Jose Luis Bustamante; for Sharir Dance Company, January 27, 1991.
  • The Egg, choreographed by Yacov Sharir for Sharir Dance Company, November 30, 1992.
  • Unending Rose, choreographed by Jose Luis Bustamante for Sharir Dance Company, November 17, 1996.
  • I Have No Face: Ten Stories (Act I | Act II), choreographed by Laura Cannon, Tomie Hahn, Theresa Hardy, Andee Scott, and Yacov Sharir for Sharir+Bustamante Danceworks, May 10, 2002.
  • 3D [Embodied], choreographed by Yacov Sharir for Dance Repertory Theatre, April 20-21, 2013.
  • AdMortuos, choreographed by Yacov Sharir for Dance Repertory Theatre, March 5, 2015.


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