[NCI Hard Drive, circa 2000-2001]

Permanent URI for this collectionhttps://hdl.handle.net/2152/15360

This collection contains tar files of particular directories on a Nuclear Control Institute internal hard drive from c. 2000-2001 and visualizations and textual representations of the entire hard drive. Each of the tar files represents a directory or folder with multiple files within it and must be unzipped or extracted in order for individual files to be viewed. These tar files contain correspondence, administrative materials, and other materials created in the course of activity at the Nuclear Control Institute. Dates for each of the tar files are inclusive last modified dates, so if there is only one date it means that all the files in that tar were last modified on the same date.

The visualizations and textual representations include a spreadsheet of the file extensions on the drive as a whole, a pie chart of the free and occupied space on the drive, a tree map showing the size of the files on the hard drive, a CSV file showing information for all the files on the drive, and an XML file (in a zipped folder with a XSL file which will allow you to view the file) with a representation the directory structure of the whole drive down to the folder level.

Note: NCI1_ImagePartial_rootFiles contains documents from the root directory of this hard drive, which were probably not intentionally grouped together by the creator. These tar files are best viewed using the free program 7zip (http://www.7-zip.org/download.html).


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