Gentrification and Displacement

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    Texas Tenant Relocation Assistance Toolkit
    (2019) Platts-Mills, Eliza; Melendez, Diana
    The purpose of this toolkit is to identify the resources available to tenants in Texas when they are displaced from their homes due to development funded in any part by federal dollars or caused by local or state government action. The primary audience for this toolkit is tenants and tenant advocates, including community organizers, legal aid attorneys and paralegals.
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    Texas Anti-Displacement Toolkit: A Guide to Help Texas Communities Combat Residential Displacement in Gentrifying Neighborhoods
    (2019) Way, Heather K.
    Gentrification is rapidly reshaping many cities across the United States, including Texas, displacing vulnerable residents and changing the cultural character of communities. This toolkit was created to help local elected officials, neighborhood leaders, and community organizations in Texas understand the policy tools available locally to combat this displacement.
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    Uprooted: Residential Displacement in Austin’s Gentrifying Neighborhoods and What Can Be Done About It
    (2018-08) Way, Heather K.; Mueller, Elizabeth; Wegmann, Jake
    This report provides a framework for 1) identifying and prioritizing gentrifying neighborhoods where residents are at the highest risk of displacement, and 2) matching strategies to the needs of vulnerable residents in these neighborhoods. Rather than recommending the blanket adoption of the tools described in this report, we advocate working with residents to dig deeper into their neighborhood conditions and to craft neighborhood-specific solutions. We have organized the presentation of policy ideas to facilitate a deeper analysis and tailoring of policies to specific neighborhood needs.
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    Tenant Displacement in Austin: A Policy Report Analyzing the City of Austin’s Tenant Relocation Policy at Shoreline Apartments with Recommendations for a City-Wide Policy Approach
    (2012-08) Way, Heather K.
    This report begins by examining the Shoreline relocation policy and why it failed the tenants. The next sections of the report discuss the benefits of adopting a uniform tenant relocation assistance policy in Austin and examine lessons learned from the Shoreline and Sunnymeade policies. Finally, this report closes with specific recommendations for an Austin-wide tenant relocation assistance ordinance.