Les Houches

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The collection “Les Houches Lecture Notes, 1952-1957” comprises unpublished lecture notes from the early years of the Les Houches Summer School of Theoretical Physics, Ecole d'ete de Physique Theorique, in Les Houches, France, 1952-1957.

The Les Houches Summer School of Theoretical Physics was founded in the summer of 1951 by Cécile DeWitt-Morette, who is now professor emerita in theoretical physics at the University of Texas at Austin. Renowned theoretical physicists, active researchers, and teachers came together with the participants for an intense course of study.

The professors of the early Les Houches Summer Schools of 1951-1957 created mimeographed lecture notes for the students with typewritten text and hand-drawn mathematical equations and symbols. These notes were originally produced for the sole use of the participants and those applicants who were not admitted due to lack of space. Later, production increased to about one hundred copies and the lecture notes were distributed to various institutes and laboratories. In view of the growing demand for these publications, which often present the first complete exposition of important problems, it was decided in 1958 to publish them in offset as a book.

Dr. DeWitt’s collection of eight of the unpublished early lecture notes have been scanned and made available by the University of Texas Libraries. We welcome the opportunity to complete the scanning of any additional unpublished notes. Please contact us if you have mimeographed copies available to complete the collection. Email to: Physics Mathematics Astronomy Library, pma@lib.utexas.edu


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