Integration of Topology Optimization with Efficient Design of Additive Manufactured Cellular Structures

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Cheng, Lin
Zhang, Pu
Biyikli, Emre
Bai, Jiaxi
Pilz, Steve
To, Albert C.

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University of Texas at Austin


Cellular structures are promising candidates for additive manufacturing to design lightweight and complex parts to reduce material cost and enhance sustainability. In the paper, we focus on the integration of the topology optimization with the additive manufactured cellular structures. In order to take advantage of these two technologies for lightweight manufacturing, a totally new design and CAD method is developed to build up the bridge between the optimal density distribution and the cellular structure. First, a systematic theoretical and experimental framework is provided to obtain the mechanical properties of cellular structures with variable density profile. Second, a revised topology optimization algorithm is introduced to optimize arbitrary 3D models with given boundary conditions. In this process, the minimum compliance problem and allowable stress problem are considered to get the relative density distribution. Third, CAD methods are developed to obtain the function between the local relative density and the variable density of cellular structure. With the aid of the function, one can convert the density distribution to the cellular vertex radius distribution and build variable density cellular structures in the given parts. Finally, a real part named pillow bracket is designed by this process to illustrate the efficiency and reliability of the new method.


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