Lifestreaming as a life design methodology




Mullen, Jessica E.

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My research explores the potential of lifestreaming as a life design methodology. Life design is the design of one’s daily activities, habits and relationships. Like graphic or industrial design, life design can be approached using a specific methodology to solve problems–in the case of life design, problems of individual, daily life.

“Lifestream” was first defined by computer scientist David Gelernter as a software architecture consisting of a time-ordered stream of documents. Lifestreaming has evolved into the act of documenting and sharing aspects of daily existence online. A lifestream website collects the things you choose to publish (e. g., photos, tweets, videos, or blog posts) and displays them in reverse-chronological order. Putting one’s life online might provide the critical perspective to help redesign it. After practicing lifestreaming for two years and performing four lifestream website experiments, I have devised a lifestreaming system that encourages users to gain more control over personal advancement and deliberate decision-making.



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