Letter from Beatrice V. Gwynn to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., November 19, 1967

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Gwynn, Beatrice V.

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Gwynn wishes Bennett safe travels on Crete and asks for well wishes from him on her forty-seventh birthday, November 19, 1967. She asks if Bennett will accept her works on Linear A and the Enkomi tablet. She regrets her work on the Phaistos disk, calling it a "nightmare", and speculates on the nature of knowledge as an untilled field. She writes of the Linear A tablet's interest to her, especially the votive tablets which contain female deities. She tells Bennett of a letter she found when she was Assistant Librarian at the Irish College of Surgeons, hidden in a book, asking a lady for the pleasure of an evening stroll. She concludes the letter with various thoughts on literature, deities, history, and the Enkomi tablet.

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