Design and Analysis of Orthogonally Compliant Features for DuraForm/SLS Manufactured Plates

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Faustini, Mario
Crawford, Richard
Neptune, Richard R.
Rogers, William
Gitter, Andrew
Bosker, Gordon

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In many applications of parts manufactured by Solid Freeform Fabrication (SFF), compliance is an important factor. In order to achieve given deformation goals with optimal shape, the design of compliant mechanisms and elements fabricated with SFF techniques must take into account the particular constraints and boundary conditions of the target application as well as the specific material properties of the part. The present work focuses on the design and evaluation of compliant features for a geometrically constrained thin-wall part subject to loads normal to its tangent plane. Such features would need to be embedded in the object. The manufacture of prosthetic sockets for lower-limb amputees is the specific application presented, where greater compliance is needed at sites in contact with pressure sensitive tissues. Sample parts were fabricated by selective laser sintering, and the material used was Duraform.



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